HR Consulting For Small Business

HR or human resources consulting companies commonly work with non-profit organization, large and small businesses. If you have extensive experience in the field of human resources, running an HR consulting company for small business can be a good idea.

As consultant, it is your job to provide guidance on how to hire, retain, improve and handle the employment issues. You can also handle certain task like hiring nurses and professionals from Caribbean or the Philippines.

Determine Your Service

If you are considering running an HR consulting for small business, one important factor here is to determine the overall service that you will provide based on your expertise and experience. For example, some business will ask you to perform a background on potential employees or interview managerial candidates. You can also opt to operate an office and target small to medium size business that does not have a human resource department.

Name of the Company

Choose a suitable name for your company and see if the name or website addresses are already taken. Find the perfect location that can be beneficial for your business. It is best to rent an office space in case you need to screen the applicants for your clients.

Rules and Regulations

Make sure to review the applicable state and federal as well as local regulations. Generally, you need to obtain a license for your local business and other certifications too. Most cities and state will require you to enroll on the course provided by U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, so that you are updated on the current trends of employment discrimination law. If you will manage the employment eligibility verification, you may need to enhance your knowledge on federal E-Verify program.

Effective Planning

It will be ideal if you can plan growth strategy for your HR consulting business, so determine if you will need a partner, assistant or a secretary on the start and middle of your business. It would be great if you can organize an effective business system that allows you to manage your business well. You need to have a clear plan, responsibilities and assignments to make your plan into reality. Make sure if you can create a checklist that identifies the monthly, weekly and daily task as HR consultant like leadership trainings lectures, site visits and payroll as well as other task related.

Advertise your Business

In order for you to get your target clients, advertisement is a very effective way on how you can get their attention. Be sure to provide the best service that is ideal for the needs of your clients and it should be complete and detailed. Do not advertise the things that you are not familiar because it causes your business to dwindle.


  • Usha said on January 14, 2013
    Respected Sir / Madam, We are running our Hr. Consultancy since 5 years in India. I would like to know information to start overseas recruitment services. Can you please forward us required details.
  • Ramanathan said on April 10, 2013
    can u help me to know a to z about starting & running a HR Consultancy
  • Hari Srinivas.M said on January 21, 2014
    I would like to start HR Consultancy in Bangalore. How to proceed. Please advise.
  • Jayan said on September 23, 2014
    We are into Payroll & Accounting outsourced solutions from Bangalore. Kindly contact 9945527320


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