How to Write a Thank You Letter for Business

Giving a thank you letter after an employment interview is a good indication of your being as a professional.

You may also use your thank you letter as a follow up for your job application.

To gain good impression from your interviewer, it is highly recommended to write him/her a thank you letter. Below is the format of a thank you letter for business.

Format of a Thank You Letter

Your Name and Contact details – on the top of the letter is your name followed by your contact information which include: your address, cellphone number, landline, and email address.

Date – after the heading, is the date when you plan to give your thank you letter to the recipient.

Name and the Contact Details of the Recipient – in this portion should you write the name of the recipient of your thank you letter. Below his/her name is his/her title, then the company name and the company address.

Greetings – it is better to address your thank you letter to a specific person. Use the traditional “Dear” greetings follow by “Ms.”, “Mrs.” Or “Mr.” then his/her surname and ended with a colon to make it formal.

Body of the letter – it should not be too long or too short and should have at most two paragraphs.

The first paragraph – express your gratitude for being interviewed by this person. Make it concise but full of thanksgiving as this is the main intention of this letter. You may also remind him/her of the date of your interview just to help him recall you. You may also express your eagerness to be part of the company and to work with him.

The second and the last paragraph – this may contain short review of your qualifications and background. You may also include some of your special skills and working attitude which can prove that you can be an asset to the company. At the last portion of this paragraph, thank the recipient again and inform him/her that you are looking forward to hearing from him/her soon and that you appreciate the time you spent for the interview.

Closing Remarks – some of the appropriate closing remarks for business letter are: Respectfully Yours, Sincerely Yours, Very Respectfully Yours, Sincerely, Truly Yours, Very Truly Yours, etc.

Your Name and Signature – type your name in all capital letters. Make ample space between the closing remarks and your name, where you can affix your signature.

Additional Tips

If you have more than one interviewer, do not write one thank you letter for the group. Write them individually.

Make your letter timely. At most two days after the interview, send them your letter.


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