How to Write a Business Strategy

Engaging in business can be likened to a roller coaster ride because it has its ups and downs.

To cope with the midst of the steep competition, formulating strategies is one of the best ways to survive and not to be out ran by your competitors.

Entering the business world is not an easy job. Achieving success is not only limited within the internal environment of the firm but you have to continually strive to meet the demands of the consumers and to cope up with the growing competition. In achieving success, business strategy is one of the most important factors to consider. Strategies basically set the direction of the business so, in formulating your own business strategy you should make sure that it matches your business.

Tips on How to Write a Business Strategy

In writing a business strategy, there are three factors to consider: the profitability of your business, the cost that will be incurred and the impact to your customers. In other words in making your business strategy it should be geared towards maximizing profit. In the process of maximizing the returns of your business, make sure that it can be carried out with a minimal cost and it should not exceed beyond the means of the business. Every business exists to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers so make sure that the strategies that you will formulate will not only benefit your business but most importantly the customers as well.

Writing a business strategy is a very challenging task. It requires great mind and a thorough analysis of the business position in the industry. The simplest way of writing a business strategy can be done by making this simple exercise: take a piece of paper and at the bottom write a brief account of where the business is. At the top, write where you want the business to be in ‘x’ amount of years (you decide the period).

Next, in between the two, write what you need to do and when to do it to get from the bottom of the page to the top. With this simple exercise you can actually set the vision, mission and objective of the firm. The vision basically gives a clear picture of where the business will be. The mission states the reason why the business exists and the objectives basically state what the business wants to achieve. Make sure that the vision, mission and objective that you have created match the resources of your firm.

It should be realistic and capable of being realized. By setting the objective of your firm, you will be guided with what you want to achieve in a definite period of time. Making a business strategy need not be lengthy. What is important is that it contains the necessary data which can drive your business to the road of success.


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