How to Write a Business Bid

A business proposal or business bid serves the purpose of informing the audience of the problem and the solutions in the proposal and gaining the go signal or approval to start.

With this it is important to write an effective business bid to get accepted.

Business bids or proposals are often written in order to gain approval from a particular audience to start a business or related project. With that it is necessary that these bids are as informative as possible, with all the necessary information backing up the purpose of the bid or the proposal. Start by stating what the proposal is all about and why it is necessary to consider or approve the proposal. You will also need to provide the complete information with regards to where the business is located, its name and other contact information especially the buyer and seller information from which you must include the company contact and the person or group of persons to whom the proposal is directed to.

State all the goals in your proposal, both long term and short term. Be able to provide ample information on what the bid is all about and how the audience can benefit from its approval. Provide in detail the general guidelines, responsibilities and warranties. Be able to state what is inclusive and exclusive of the service or services offered. With this you should be able to date the bid and give a timeline of the process or project completion in order to give the audience a clearer picture on what to expect. This timeline should range from not only the start to completion but also the little details such as manufacture and delivery. Explain also the terms that apply to these schedules such as possible drawbacks that are unavoidable.

As you work your way through the business bid you will be able to calculate an estimate for how much the entire project proposal is going to cost. With this you should be able to draft out in detail the specifics of each expense so as to inform the audience on what the statistics will be in terms of financing. These numbers however are not set in stone and are prone to certain alterations so provide the range to which these are most likely to cost. Be able to canvass on all possible sources necessary for the fulfillment of the project so as to have a bigger scope and selection on where to acquire the tools, services or equipment you will need. You will of course want to get the best deals for quality goods and services and your audience will also want to be aware of this. Plus it adds to the fact that the proposal was well thought of in terms of finances.

Review the proposal bid several times or have another professional review it for you. You will want to make sure you tackle all aspects of the bid and not leave anything out so as to keep the audience well informed of your plans. Also, no matter what the outcome will be, always thank the client for the opportunity to present your bid to the audience.


  • ROSE said on June 25, 2012
    Hi, I would like to start farming business by planting 20 acres of maize in Kitale. Please assist me with full quotation of everything. another issue is how do i dry the maize because it will a lot and how do i get the market after the drying to sell. Thanks in advance. Rose
  • Keyur Ringwala said on August 20, 2013
    My company name is shreenathji enterprise. I am planning to start a chemical trading. I want to know how to quote bid or proposal. Can you please kindly guide to prepare a standard format for the chemicals trading.
  • Wycliffe said on January 6, 2015
    I am establishing a school uniform supply business in Kisii region. Will you help me?


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