How to Trade in Commodity Market

It is important to learn how to trade in commodity market if you are planning to get into the industry.

However, you should also learn the basics of trading commodities such as trading with the trend. Keep in mind that in this market you should trade for a reason.

Knowing the Fundamentals

Dealing with the trend is important in trading in commodity market. It is important to know the fundamentals of trading in the commodity market. In this way you will know the relation when the commodity is trending in lower or higher price and how it affects the supply and demand. The supply and demand plays a big role in the move of the commodity prices. That is why it is necessary for you to know the scenario. Likewise, you should also understand the price charts of the commodity so that you can easily learn the commodity trading. By this you will learn how to track the price of the commodity in a certain period and how long it will last in the market. By following the price charts you will have a clear view of the trending price.

The price charts have various time frames depending whether you are trading commodity or future day traders. Sixty minutes is the long term time trend or it may last for the whole trading day. The trading can last for two days or a week if you are trading swing futures. On the other hand, the price movement is identified for more than a month in case of the position trading. As you progress in trading commodities you will learn different perspective of the market. It will help you to hone the most important factor of commodity trading that is timing. Keep in mind that timing is a major factor so that trader will know the right time to enter and exit the market. Otherwise, traders should expect to lose lot of money when trading commodities in improper manner.

Side from understanding the trend of the commodity market you should also formulate trading system. This would require you to learn the chart patterns and identify the different trends in the commodity market. Through the commodity price charts you can establish the areas where you can easily exit the market based on the support and resistance areas of the market. If the trending is higher you should look for a support area where you can exit. This is called stop-loss order that helps broker and trader to find the proper position in order to avoid losing money.

Moreover, learning how to trade in commodity market is just like learning to drive. Learning the basics and fundamentals of commodity trading will let you know how to avoid the areas that posses losing. Thus, you should be wise in trading and have a keen observation about the trend.


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