How to Start a Share Trading Business

In this generation, man has already learned how to earn well and how to manage his earnings. It is not always about gaining and giving. You should learn how to grow your money.

Learn about share trading and be able to earn money the easy way.

What is Share Trading?

Share trading is the exchange of shares of a company to help them adjust the value of security. There are many factors that change the price of securities like the global news and the reports of companies. Through share trading, the intrinsic value of security is represented. With the growth of internet and other companies, it has changed the image of share trading.

There are already more people who are into this kind of trade and most of them are really making it big. This kind of trading has encouraged more and more companies to buy and sell more shares to get more earnings. It is considered as a thriving kind of business all over the world that even governments of different countries are really into it. Remember that when you buy a share, you are considered as an immediate owner of the company and getting a part of their profits gives them dividends. That is just how share trading goes.

Features of share Trading

The investors usually buy and sell the securities so that they will be able to make a profit. Their intention is to buy and then later on sell at a higher price. This process is done by investing through a company, buying shares and through selling or an option of contracts. When we say short selling, it means that it is the process of borrowing the shares of the company through a broker to sell those shares and the buying the share again to compensate the broker. The option is legal that gives the buyer the right to sell or buy the share at an agreed price.

How to?

Starting this kind of business is easy. You just have to buy your own amount of share. The next thing you will do is to wait until you felt that the price is right and you dispose your share. By doing this, you are making yourself extra money. Share trading is a serious deal and it demands good business men. There are already people who are willing to help you on this kind of business. All you need to do is to secure enough amount of money so that you will have startup money. Remember that in this type of business, you need to be sure that whenever you want to dispose your share you should be able to know whether the price of share trading is high or low and also take into consideration checking if the person buying your share has enough amounts to pay for it. This is because you are share trading to earn extra money. Imagine tripling your money every week with no much risk. You may consult the internet for reliable million dollar corporations who are offering some percentage of their commission to you.

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  • Vishwajit said on January 5, 2012
    Dear Sir, Thank you for all the information in the article. I need to be clear on some crucial points regarding starting-up a share-trading business in a formal way. Will you please answer to the following queries:

    1.Can the business of intra-day trading of shares and derivatives be formally shown as a business entity, from taxation point of view?

    2.Can expenses made on the following items be shown as business expenses of the said entity:
    (i). Cost of the process and the outcome of developing a technical analysis software for the said share trading
    (ii). Cost of Hardware and Software engaged in the process as in (i) above
    (iii). Cost of hardware and software involved in daytrading
    (iv). Rent paid for office premises
    (v). Electricity, Internet connection and other charges
    (vi). Fees paid to Technical Analysts
    (vii). Brokerage charges
    (viii). Other general expenses such as conveyance/phone bills/stationery etc.

    3.Can a Technical Analysis S/W development firm do share trading as an allied business activity?

    4. If yes, should such an entity be formed as a sole proprietorship firm; what are the pros and cons?

    Waiting for your answers. Thanking you in advance, Vishwajit, Bhubaneswar


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