How to Start Interior Designing

If you want to get involved with interior designing, you can finish an interior design course or degree. Another option would be to hone your skills through constant practice.

You can practice at home and offer volunteer works to family and friends. With your portfolio, you can attract a lot of clients.

Starting an Interior Design Business

Do you want to become an interior designer? Not everyone is gifted with the skills to carry out this kind of profession. You should be creative and willing to experiment on things. You can develop the skills or knowledge overnight. It is important that you start out early and receive the best education. Being a certified designer will entail 2-5 years of hard work and dedication. However, don’t be discouraged if you don’t have enough money to enroll for post-secondary courses or degrees. If you’re motivated and you have the desire to become a great interior decorator, you can achieve your dreams.

With your interest in interior designing, you already have the special eye for things around you. Once you check out a room, you can easily tell what things need improvement and what things should be retained or changed. Having the natural talents and skills can put you at an advantage. Still, there is a need to train your eyes thoroughly. You have to enhance your knowledge and creative mind by visiting art galleries, historic homes, furniture showroom, offices, and wealthy neighborhoods. You need to be familiar with the different elements like light, color, space planning, decorating styles, furniture, wall coverings, window treatments, floorings, and using accessories such as art works or pillows.

Acquiring Knowledge and Starting the Business

Decorating basics can be learned with ease these days by simply reading books, eBooks, and taking online courses or reading info sources found in different interior design websites. Why don’t you start practicing at home? Whether you have a small or big room, you can get the needed hands-on experience. You can experiment on the styles or techniques you’ve learned. A room can appear new by applying paint and rearranging existing furniture pieces. You can offer volunteer services at first, to friends and relatives. This will give you time in developing your skills.

Don’t forget to take photos of your work. Compile the pictures and create your own portfolio. You will need to have at least fifteen photos of your previous works. Before and after pictures can show your future clients how you transformed the room into a beautiful one! To start your own business, you can inquire at the local council about the licenses and permits that you need to secure. You can have the office at home and find suppliers for the fabrics, flooring, wall coverings, furniture, and many others. You can expect many clients and you’re not limited to households. You can promote to B&Bs, restaurants, spas, and other establishments.


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