How to Start Bird Cages Building Business

Are you someone with a talent in building things and a special passion for bird cages? Then bird cage making is a business you can start with few competition.

If you have both the talent and the passion but lack the business knowledge needed in starting a venture, then our guide could be of help.

Bird cages are bought both as decorative pieces and as enclosures for real birds. It takes genuine understanding about the nature of birds, their needs and what breeders and bird lovers are seeking after for a cage in order to build a cage of quality and optimum service. Bird cage building therefore is a special trade. Anyone who wants to make bird cage building as a business needs not only skill, but also passion, understanding and considerable experience in bird cage making.

Bird Cage Market

As in any business, the presence or absence of a market could mean the survival or death of a business. If you are in an area where bird watching, bird breeding, and bird keeping are mainstays, then this could mean this is a business with a future. This business will particularly click if yours is a place where tourists go for the love of birds and would most likely buy a cage to keep birds or even just to have them for souvenirs. Or, if you are a bird lover and you know a lot of people from near and far to whom you can sell bird cages to, you can operate an online business. Aside from these people as customers, you can also sell bird cages to pet stores.

What Bird Cage to Make

There are several types of bird cages to make. If you are in an area where competition is not tough, you can have a “general” type of store where you sell all types of bird cages. However, if your field of competition is narrow, select a type of bird cage to make. You can specialize on hand-made cages, wooden cages, decorative cages, exotic cages, traditional, contemporary, custom-made and many more. You can also choose from a lot of materials to make the cages. There are wood, metal, wire, glass (for decorative ones), cane and bamboo. Bird cages also come in many sizes and you can also choose to specialize in miniature or large ones.

For the things you need, it would depend on what materials will you be using. If you are using metal, you would have to secure welding and soldering tools for cages made from wire mesh, cutters, roller press (for large operations) and punches, among others. And depending on the size of your business, you would have to think about having employees and workers. And one other major consideration in this line of business is waste and disposal. You have to plan how to properly and efficiently dispose of the scraps from your manufacturing endeavour.


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