How to Start an Earthworm Farm

When someone hears the word worm, the first thing that enters his or her mind is that it is a disgusting creature. But did you know that this creature has several benefits for you and for the environment as well?

Since the world has been so polluted and dirty when the technological era arrived, there are rubbish and garbage everywhere thus, making the soil futile than ever before.

Having a futile soil is a threat to human beings because this will lessen the chance of people to produce more crops and plants that is needed for food. But because of the fact that vermiculture is on the rise today everyone don’t have anything to worry about. This term refers to describe a process called worm farming. After the digestion process, there are remnants which remain and they are called castings. These are considered one of the safest and best fertilizers which are very ideal for crop growth and production as well. In farming, the best type of soil that is known to all is topsoil. But did you know that these castings are richer in several nutrient types as compared to topsoil? Not only that! Since in farming the number one and ultimate enemies of plants and farmers are the pests, this can also be a great pest repellent that is naturally produced.

Starting an Earthworm Farm

If you are planning to start your own earthworm farm, you need to follow several business procedures which will provide you a step by step process on how to conduct your business guided with rules and regulations to follow.

The first consideration which you need to think of in this kind of venture is the place where you will conduct your earthworm farming. After finding one, you need to concentrate on how you will care for the earthworms. If you are not that adept yet, you can ask the assistance of an earthworm farmer which can show you tricks to produce more earthworms. So, it is very important if you establish a good relationship with earthworm farmers in your area.

In feeding your worms, do not give them any type of dairy products and meat. If a certain waste is based on plant, the worms will eat it but they must be subject to certain exceptions such as pineapple, acidic vegetables such as citrus and many more and grass clippings as well.

It is just easy to build your own earthworm farm. Since you are just starting, don’t dream to high yet. Just start with a small farm since everything starts on the lowest step right?

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  • varghese said on July 25, 2013
    I would like to start it inside my existing dairy farm of 3 acres, at Palakad, Kerala, India. Thanks


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