How to Start an Ant Farm

Starting an ant farm is an enjoyable project that an entire family can engage. In addition, an educational project would enable your child to learn about science.

All you have to is to secure all the necessary materials needed.

Establishing the Ant Farm

The first thing that you should do when establishing an ant farm is to buy a small, rectangular and narrow aquarium where you can place the ants. Secure all the necessary materials and prepare the aquarium. Once you have prepared the aquarium, the next thing that you should do is to look for ant colony. You can place dirt in the tank where the ants can thrive. There are several breeds of ants that you can find. The sociable ants are easier to keep.

Make sure that there is a queen ant in the colony for the reproduction of ant. Make a woven cloth to cover the tank. Ensure that there are small air holes that allow airflow. You can feed the ants with sugar crystals, bread crumbs and fruits. However, you should not over feed the ants to avoid left over of the food. It is also necessary to maintain proper moisture. That is why you should place wet cotton balls or wet leaves on top of the soil. Once the water source is dry, replace it immediately. If you do not know how to make an ant farm, you can just buy kits in the market. The kits can be assembled and also include proper care tips as well as all the materials needing in setting up the farm.

How to Catch Ants?

In finding for colony of ants, you should look for the black and large ants. The red ants are dangerous predators that provides nasty sting. You can find colony of ants in wooded areas. You can also find the colony by following them back at their home. You can also make a solution of sugar and water that would serve as trap for the ant. Place the jar with the solution near the ant colony. Once you have trapped some, place it on the farm. Repeat the procedure to trap more ants. However, you should not put back the jar on the same place of the first entrapment. Surely you would not trap anymore because the ants will not go back again on the trap.

Raising an ant farm is fascinating for both mature and young people. That is why you should give proper care. Keep in mind that ants are vulnerable to the environment. Make sure that the environment is not to the extremes in order to lengthen the life expectancy of the ants. Make sure the environment would not exceed to 70 degrees and not lower than 60 degrees. Feeding them is not difficult as any food type can feed them.


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