How to Start a Wholesale Plant Nursery

Starting your own wholesale plant nursery requires enough time, capital and effort. Before you engage in this type of business, make sure that you have enough information about its managerial process.

You also need to monitor every transaction for successful sales.

Most wholesale nurseries sell plants, flowers and trees to various local garden shops. They also sell them to national plant chains. Like other business ventures, wholesale plant nursery is very profitable. However, it requires various considerations to achieve business success. Managing a nursery is quite similar with handling any type of companies. You also need to supply your offered products, which most people want. If you are planning to open up your own wholesale plant nursery, here are some facts you shouldn’t miss to consider.


Before you start your own business, you should contact grocery stores, nurseries and other places that sell flowers, plants or trees in your area. This can help you in determining if your preferred products are in demand in your local area. Then, you should also concentrate on growing renowned products to get more profitable sales. After looking for the best product, you should start finding the right location. Depending on your choice, you can plant flowers or trees in your backyard or rent land in other places. In choosing the best location, always consider the type of land and its included space.

Finalizing Your Business License and Permits

You can never operate your business without proper registration. The most common types of business for wholesale nurseries include partnerships, proprietorships and corporate. Whatever business type you choose, see to it that you can manage it well. Before you get the needed permits for your business, you should first know the requirements. To identify these requirements, simply ask assistance from the authorized department.

Business Plans for Accurate Wholesale Plant Nursery Management

Creating a business plan is not too complicated. All you have to do is to enumerate all your plans on how to manage your new business. In making a business plan, you should always include the types of plants you desire to grow, the needed space, production schedule, marketing costs, operations costs, number of staffs, expected profits and many more. An effective business plan is essential not only for your daily transactions, but also when applying for a loan.

Making a Production Schedule

Production schedule includes all the steps needed in nurturing and developing plants. In making this schedule, you should predict the time frame of the plants’ growth until they are ready to be sold. In some cases, those who are not familiar with plant production seek help from experts. Whether you are an expert or someone who needs assistance from any individual, you should make the right and accurate production schedule. After making it, contact local agricultural agencies to educate you more about licensing, inspection requirements and other related concerns.


  • Zain Iqbal said on March 4, 2013
    Want to start business of Plant nursery at Lucknow(UP). How much land and money required to start the business at medium scale.
  • Chandrasekar said on December 3, 2014
    Want to start business of Plant nursery at Chennai. How much land and money required to start the business at small to medium scale.
  • Randall Moller said on January 15, 2017
    Hi, i want to start a wholesale plant nursery. I need to know from start to finish what will it cost for small to medium business to start and what equipment do i need to start. How do i calculate the cost and predict the profit for a business plan and how do i write a business plan. I need the ins and outs of this business. Thank you


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