How to Start a Payroll Business

If you want a successful business today, you can engage in a payroll business.

This business is increasing in demand and still growing beyond the things that you can do.

Introduction to the Payroll Business

A payroll service business can be a very successful business as the need for the outsourcing of weekly or monthly payroll checks is fast growing in most industries today. If you have knowledge on tax codes as well as have access to clients and printers, you may start your payroll service business company. Eventually, when your business is paying off and rapidly growing, you may need to hire employees so make sure that you are prepared for the liabilities and the responsibilities that go along with the payroll service business.

Decide and Plan

You must decide on how you’re going to operate your payroll service business. You can choose on doing a payroll processing manually or by using computer software. Just remember that by using computer software you can make your business to run much smoothly and it won’t require almost the same amount of labor and time using the manual processing. Then, plan your business before engaging to it. Before you pursue any business venture, you must have a plan of action presented to the Small Business Administration. This plan should include the marketing plans and business plans too. These plans are also required if you are requesting investment from banks and other financial institutions.


Once you have your plan and have decided on what will you use to run your payroll service company, the next step is for you to decide how your business will operates. If you are going to just do the payroll process then, there are many excellent online services that are offered for accountants for this kind or purposes. There are some that are low cost and some that are really expensive. If you are going to offer a payroll process only, then you should use software that is dedicated and focus on the payroll process. The software must allow your clients to access it easily and input any information from anywhere. This service must be geared on accountants only.

Pricing Model and Marketing

Deciding on the pricing model requires some careful research. Just ask customers to determine the fairest price for your payroll service in your area. Last but not the least is to market and advertise your payroll service business by giving out fliers, mailing, emailing, posting on newspapers, creating a website, and by relying on word of mouth. Advertising is really effective in letting people know of your business so you must advertise you business really well without having to spend all your fortune on advertisement materials.

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  • Lily Chan said on April 22, 2012
    Hi, I am thinking to build a home-based payroll service and the location will be around bay area in Daly City, CA. Please email me any start up information that I might need to start up. Thank you.


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