How to Start a Nail Business

Do you love to maintain the cleanliness and sophistication of your fingernails? Do you consider yourself as a great manicurist and pedicurist who can provide an excellent service to customers?

If you do, being employed or being a part-timer is not enough especially know that the nail business is little by little known in the industry as a highly lucrative business.

If you are currently planning to start up your nail salon, you can choose from a variety of business options. Three of the options you have are full-service, mobile units and mall kiosks nail salons. In accordance with the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics there are a total of 76,000 pedicurists and manicurists just in the year 2008. In fact, they are expecting it to double as the years go by. This is because of the fact that nail service is highly demanded by people from all walks of life so it is undeniably profitable.

Starting Your Own a Nail Saloon Business

In this kind of business, you need to determine the other additional services which you need to provide to potential customers and clients such as airbrush tanning, massage, pedicures, waxing, electrolysis, tanning and nail care. You also need to be adept in the following nail care services to increase your potential for lead generation and earning profits: nail jewelry, airbrush nails, wraps, gels, acrylic nails and nail art. Since business license is very important, you also need to contact the state cosmetology board for you to learn the requirements for the licensing. If you have no plan to do nails, then you will no longer be required to have a license for nail technician.

Next, you have to assess on what type of the business will work best. Of course, in choosing your business format that will still depend upon the zoning laws set by your state or locality. If you lack funds, then the best one for you is the mobile option while having a certain physical location will give you a chance for more earnings. This will also provide you more clients and customers.

Next, you need to write a business plan. For you to be able to ask from help in writing the business plan, you need to visit the Small Business Administration. You can also ask help from because this site provides a calculator tool that can estimate your costs.

After that, you need to find a business location and get a zoning approval. In choosing your location, make sure that there is high traffic and the social status of people can afford your services. Plazas and shopping centers are the most ideal places where you can operate your business. In addition to the manicure and pedicure service, you can also provide add-ons such as tanning room, waxing station, vending machines, coffee station, amenities, restroom, waiting area, supply room and break room.

Next, you have to get an insurance provider that will protect your business from any form of damage and accident. Next, hire employees in your salon and proceed to the marketing strategies in order for you to generate leads.


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