How to Start a Junk Hauling Business

Junk hauling business is not an ordinary venture and perhaps there is lesser competition. However, just like any other type of business it is necessary to plan carefully before starting the business.

There are guides that you can find that can help you getting started.

Market Entry

Creating the business plan is the most important aspect in starting a junk hauling business. It can help you in growing the business as you will be guided by the necessary components of the business plan. It is one way of outlining the business, setting the goals and methods that can make the business flourish. You should also decide for your target market either residential or commercial or both. Nevertheless, you should expect that the financial and legal requirements are different in each market. Also, you should research the competition in the market you want to serve. It is an intelligent action to do the research.

Before getting into the market you should prepare and establish the rates you will charge. You can easily determine the rate by calculating the cost including the equipment, labor and insurance costs. In this way you can clearly come up with the rate that would be profitable. In like manner, you can contact other companies that you can sub-contract. This can help you save from the recycling operations as well as debris removal.


When it comes to the operation of the business you need to set up accounting system. In this way you can have the chance to monitor the accounts payable versus the account receivables as well as the cash on hand. In order to keep your profits in track you should project the monthly cash flow, In like manner, it is also essential to establish marketing calendar according to the business plan. This will help you decide the proper timing of promoting your services. The calendar will also help you in monitoring the fluctuations of the hauling services. As you will engage in junk hauling service you will need to hire employees who can help you in the business. You can also opt to outsource the manpower.

Moreover, to obtain more clients and repeat clients your service should be efficient. This will save time in traffic as well as the expenditures for fuel and the travel time of employees. As much as possible you should develop contingency plans to cover the weather and failure of equipment. Furthermore, you should promote your business in websites like Craiglist so that customers will know your junk hauling services. Keep in mind that your business will not flourish if you will not exert effort in the promotion. The best thing about hauling business is that you can do it on your own free schedule as you can do it full time or part-time.


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