How to Start a Freelance Commercial Consulting Service

With the hundreds of freelance consultation competitors out there, one can only be hopeful that the market has not yet been saturated. And still more commercial consulting clients are popping up here there outnumbering consultants by the thousands.

So how can you start a business like these and still be different from the rest? This business guide will educate you how can be different from the pack and still be part of the 5% who are ultra successful.

Here are a few steps on how to start a freelance commercial consultation service.

  • Step 1: Get adequate experience in consulting.
    The best experience is working experience. Get a job and get involved in your office. Be a student of the system. Breakdown the roles of a commercial consultant and become an apprentice to someone who has more exposure. Find mentors who are experts in the field. Work to learn not for the pay. When you are confident to start on your own then that’s the time to cut cords with your company.
  • Step 2: Get accredited and certified.
    Attend certification classes and courses. Finish these courses and get certified. Some courses even have a licensure program. If you get that chance grab it. You’ll appear more credible and professional to your future clients. You will also boast your self image in your business.
  • Step 3: Sharpen yourself continually.
    The freelance industry is a competitive world. Like the commercial industry, they are both constantly challenging us to define ourselves different form other consultant agency competitors. The world is changing and evolving. Time has changed. You want to always be fresh with changes. Your best move is to enroll yourself to a distant learning education system. It could be a subscription of audio cds or just magazines. It could be a set of refresher courses. The point is to continually educate yourself. Stay sharp. Stay focused.
  • Step 4: Know your rate and advertise your service.
    Be confident that you will do a great job. Prove your rate. Also develop an online site that describes your services and accomplishments. Get testimonials from previous clients and attach these into your site. Have third party people endorse you. Have a classy business card ready. Then you might also want to advertise your services in your newspaper ads. Your mission is to create noise, create a buzz around you.
  • Step 5: Start low. Convert your house into your office space.
    Cut down on unnecessary expense while you are beginning to build your name. Work from your home. It’s a simple set up. Just allocate a space or a room where you can place chairs and a table, a filing cabinet and a computer.
  • Step 6: Handle yourself professionally.
    When engaged with a client, capitalize on listening to their needs. Before giving any input make sure you heard the stuff right. Ask questions and clarify before making suggestions. Once you’ve heard the really problem offer solutions.

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