How to Start a Florist Delivery Business

People have been sending flowers on many occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s day and anniversaries to say what they want in a romantic manner.

This is a business opportunity for people who love to be in the flower delivery business. Do you want to open one and curious to know what you need to? Here is a basic guide.

Flowers are wonderful gifts of nature. Time on, flowers are being sent by people to convey heartfelt messages to one another. A floral bouquet sent could mean feelings of love, sympathy, regret or condolences. For people who live far away, sending flowers is a good way for them to express what they feel with more style than just saying it in plain words. As such, a flower delivery business is a business with great potential, especially in big cities. Here are some of the items you need to start one:

  • Flower wholesalers from which you can get large supply of flowers at a discount so that you are able to sell them at a profit. Make sure that the supplier is reliable – he can deliver flowers of the exact order and as you need it. Work out a credit system and a payment scheme if the supplier is far away.
  • Flower Arranger and Receptionist. Not all people are gifted with the artistic flair to make beautiful flower arrangements. Find someone with experience in flower arrangement to do the arrangement. As an owner, you can also try to learn flower arrangement. With time, you’d be able to learn how to do it on your own. If you are doing the business part-time, you must have a receptionist (that is, if you are running a storefront) to entertain calls and transactions for weddings and other big occasions.
  • Web site with pictures. The flower delivery business could be operated online, although this is quite a challenge compared to having an upfront store. Hire a web developer to create your Web site. Load the site with pictures, your contact number, and information on how customers could order, choose arrangements, and pay for their order.
  • Account to receive online payments. Many people are now doing their business transactions, including ordering flowers, on the Net. Make sure that you are up to the trend.
  • A catalogue of flowers and flower arrangements for customers to choose from. In tandem, you should have a payment scheme, payment system, and discount sytem so that the task of delivering flowers and receiving payment will be made efficient.
  • A vehicle to be used when delivering flowers. This doesn’t have to be expensive, just enough to carry your arrangements safely from your shop to recipient. You can buy or rent one. But before doing so, consider the distance of your deliveries. Get a vehicle suited for the kind of travel your flowers will take.


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