How to Start a Cocoa Export Business

Exporting business is surely a hit nowadays. Due to that, many have the desire to invest on this field. Cocoa export business is just one of the several choices that businessmen can pursue. Before one can achieve ultimate success, you really have to take things one step at a time.

If you are confident that your location has abundant supply of cocoa, there is no need for you to worry and be skeptical. You just need to be guided by a step by step procedure on how to start a cocoa export business, and you will surely reap the benefits.

Business start ups are challenging especially if you are clueless on what to do first. Good thing is that there are available step by step business guide that you can follow in order to begin with your exporting business. If you are focused on cocoa exporting, then there are appropriate steps to follow that are specifically designed for cocoa export business.

The Basic Steps

In order to make things easy and manageable for you, one effective step on how to start a cocoa export business is to acquire training. It is only then that you can obtain knowledge and skills so that you will not find it hard in case you will be dealing with management and operation soon. Taking trainings is an advantage especially if you are a newbie in the exporting industry.

Another basic step on how to start a cocoa export business is identifying your product of interest. You need to figure out the exporting potential of your product in order to ensure your significant gain. You also have to focus on the quantity that you can produce. There are two ways on how to get cocoa and have it exported. One is to buy cocoa from other supplier or export the cocoa that you personally produced.

More Significant Steps

Registering the business is one important step to take to ensure smooth flow of business operation. Legalizing the business is synonymous to getting the authority to operate and export. Since the nature of your business is exporting, you need to comply with the requirements set by your state. Showcasing your product, which is cocoa, is also a step to be undertaken.

When promoting your product, you need to convince clients that you got the most reliable and reputable export business to convince them do business with you. As your exporting business progresses, you need to do promotions of your products constantly to bring them closer to targeted clients.


  • Mae said on October 8, 2014
    I am located in Eastern Long Island, New York. I am interesting in a export business of used jeans. I am interested in establishing business contacts in other countries. Thank you.
  • Weng said on October 13, 2014
    Hi , i am interested to produce cocoa in the philippines as we have a few do we start up or find buyers overseas? Appreciate your response.
  • TERENCE A said on January 9, 2015
    OK MAE establishing a business out of your country of origin is not as easy as you think but being well trained on BUSINESS MGT AND ADMINISTRATION you can do it. I will use this opportunity to help u so you feel free to contact me via Looking forward hearing from you.
  • Ezeman said on September 6, 2015
    Having gone through your tips for starting a coacoa exporting business, I am interested in producing and buying from suppliers. My question is how do we get a client to partronise our goods. thanks looking forward to hear from you.
  • Chx said on January 17, 2016
    I'm interested this cocoa exporting business and even other agricultural product but I am so clueless. I'd prefer to start buying and exporting. Please I'd need your assistance in setting up this dream. Thank You
  • abayomi said on January 23, 2016
    i am interested in the cocoa business and other agricultures business, from nigeria ready for any export deal cocoa, soy beans, bananas you can contact me on, with a registerd company mettrotrippletower nigeria ltd. thanks
  • douglas kendi said on May 15, 2016
    I am a exporter of organic products like, cocoa, coffee ,coconut and vanilla in papua new guinea and i am looking for overseas market to sell, pls contact me if interested
  •  said on November 12, 2016
    Hi, I am Mr Akiro from Nigeria and I do export of good quality cocoa powder. Any foreign client interested in building a long term business relationship with me can reach me on +234-905-985-8188.
  • ogbuji elijah kenny said on November 25, 2016
    Am mr kenny ogbuji from nigeria, am a newbie in the export system. I export cocoa and other agricultural products. Contact me if you belief in the good quality of nigeria agricultural products.+2347066897194.
  • IHEJIRIKA STANLEY said on February 17, 2017
    @STANLEY, Am a Business Man from Nigeria and am interested in this COCOA business and looking forward to real PARTNERS. Thanks.
  • kelechi said on July 25, 2019
    I am kelechi from Lagos Nigeria. I am interested in cocoa business exporting. I want to know if I can start with little and grown it big..
  • Awuri Henry said on August 27, 2021
    Awuri Henry Cross River State Nigerian Producing Quality cocoa beans but no good Brooker


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