How to Start a Clock and Watch Repair Shop

Watch making is a calling not everybody is born to do. That is why only few are chosen to participate. It can be a very profitable venture if you have the repairing skills, the attitude and the knowledge.

This watch repair business guideline will help you set up your clock and watch repair shop.

Learn how to repair clocks and watches

There are numerous ways to master clock and watch repair. The best method I know is thru actual experience and osmosis. Find a watchmaker who has mastered the art and become his apprentice. Get a job at a clock and watch repair shop and develop the skills, the dedication and the patience it takes to become adept at it. In addition to this, supplement your learning by attending repair courses and seminars. It would be a good stewardship of time. Buy a how to book about timepiece repairs. I also suggest you join organizations that will expand your contacts. Search the web for such organizations.

Have the necessary equipment to do the repair

Gather your tools. A basic tool box should have the following equipment. It should comprise of several screwdrivers, oils, lighting, magnification apparatus and a few sizes of tweezers. These would be excellent tools to have as a beginner. As your business grows and you become more adept at clock and watch repairing invest on addition tools like a polisher, caliper and a cleaning machine.

Determine your price range

Considering the complexity of mastering a skill in repairing watches and clocks, no wonder a watchmaker can make a good decent living. Learning how to repair watches is a lifelong obligation. A watchmaker has to be knowledgeable of different models out there made from different times with different technologies that control it. You can say that watch repairing can be more complex than surgery for each watch presents different signs and symptoms the watchmaker must consider, study, and care for. So ask what you think is fair. But as a guide, try surveying other competitor watch and clock repair services and see how much they ask for. Now you have a price range you can follow.

Fill up the other blanks of your business

  • Start with watch repair business licensing
    Visit your County Clerk’s Office and work on the papers to get a license to operate. File for a registration name for your business. After the process has been accomplished make a copy of the documents and display them at your shop.
  • Look for a visible location
    Survey a couple of areas that have a lot of people. Look up areas like malls, busy streets, and spaces near huge establishments. A lot of times choosing the right place to set up your shop can make you or break you.
  • Advertise your repair services
    Get the word out that you are in business. Have calling cards ready and hand them over to people you meet. Organize a grand opening day to create awareness.


  • Dean M. said on May 8, 2017
    Wouldn't it be better to actually go to a watchmaker school like SAWTA? So that you can get one of those certifications that repair services like are always talking about? I'm seeing other blog articles talk about how there's fewer schools and yet more demand for certified watchmakers.
  • noemi carvajal said on July 24, 2017
    i know and i have knowledge already in repairing watches since i was 14 yrs old.. my father is my apprentice... but would you help me how to start and run a business in repairing watches? i mean can u give me some ideas more than u said already... what ever your advice may help... thanks..
  • robert mc donell beginner adviser said on October 25, 2017
    I apprenticed back in 1978 with a man named Bruce Lowe, he taught me watch and jewelry repair and I went to work for gordons back then,it was a hand to mouth type of business, by the time you started making money it would slow down, , seasonal on the jewelry repair, by the time you got through summer to Christmas you would be out of all the money you had saved, back then you were independent contractor, by the piece, NO hourly pay or taxes or retirement, i had to handle 5 stores to try and make things work, plus pick up and deliver for free. i would have been better of in the medical field or a union job up north,. NOW I see if you go to school get certified you can be offered a salary position, that might be better, it is a constant hassle with customers , they are ignorant and rude , most think you switch their family heirloom POS, that isn't worth a hundred bucks, now companies like Rolex and swiss watch companies wont distribute parts to a regular watch service company they want the watch sent to them so that leaves the cheap watches , I used to have a horrible time getting Seiko parts as well. its just not an easy business AND you have to have VERY GOOD skills with it, you cant get by on mediocre you will break more than you make. || Watch Repair Expert

  • Eric said on October 28, 2017
    I completely agree with Robert. Very hard to earn money through watch repairs. It might be okay just as a part time work to earn extra money. I just do repair my family's watches since it works out cheaper for us than have somebody else do it.


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