Starting an Ipod Repair Business

Repairing electronic items might come easy to you, but not for most people. Why not make a business out of that talent? If your specialty is in fixing broken iPods, then, you have a good chance of attracting customers because of the popularity of the gadget nowadays.

Starting the business is inexpensive and easy. Here is how.

Ipod Repair Service Opportunity

Have you always been good at tinkering with electronic gadgets? Have friends and the friends of friends been going to you to have their cell phones, MP3 players, laptops repaired? You might specifically be good at fixing iPods that were dropped, scratched, or sat on. Then you might have a future starting your own iPod repair service. While a degree in computer engineering or electronics is an advantage for an iPod technician, it is not always a requirement. One popular self-taught iPod repairman is Demetrios Leontaris, who has been featured in ABC News and Fox News, and is popular for his craft around New York city.

Apple offers warranty for iPods, but that warranty excludes defects that are results of the user’s mishandling of the product. With iPods costing a little less than $100 to $350, people would consider seeking repair services first before buying a new one. This is where you come in with your iPod repair service. The most common problems that you would have to deal with are cracked screens that need replacement, screens without displays, dead hard drives, and worn out batteries.

Ipod Repair Startup Cost, Fees

The good news is: this is one business that you can start with almost nothing in terms of upfront investment. Okay, at the least you’d need a small screwdriver for prying open the digital audio player’s parts. As for your fee, you can refer back to Demetrios. He charges from $45 to $70, but that’s because he services on the spot and goes there with his SUV. As for you, you might want to set your shop in a mall, or go house to house. Another popular arrangement is to go online. You ask customers to ship the item (you normally cover the shipment cost), give them a quote via e-mail on how much you will be charging, and ask them if they want to go ahead with the service. If this will be your arrangement, you would have to create an account where customers can pay you by credit card.

As to the replacement parts, the good news is an iPod just have around a dozen of them, the most major of which are LCD screens, batteries, and hard drive. You can buy broken iPods and salvage the working parts, and use it to replace a broken one on another iPod. You can also purchase from eBay, or other online shops locally and overseas.


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