How to Run a salon

The way you look and the way you dress up is the representation of your personality, no wonder many woman and even man are so eager to improve themselves by going to salons for beauty.

If you are interested to buy or run a salon here are a few things that will help you along the way.

Getting a Fresh Start

Try to know more about the salon by viewing its policies and rules. Learn about the offered services and pay rates of each costumer. Gather the staff for a meeting in order to obtain necessary information about procedures, commonly encountered problem of the salon. Then, make sure that the services delivered by the staff follows are within the standards of the salon. Begin by checking their license and trainings. This will also avoid legal issues and fines from the board of cosmetology.

Leading The Staff

Define the work to be done and make sure that each staff knows their part in the salon. Let them know that you are a team and that their cooperation is essential. Define their roles and what are expected out of them and their services. Provide a manual of job description and standard operating procedure to lessen the ambiguity of each member’s role. In assigning roles, make sure that it is in line with their expertise to maximize time and labor. Convey mutual trust and respect among the group. Build interpersonal relation ship and rapport with each one. Remember that the working atmosphere directly affects the quality of service delivered by the staff. You are also concerned in providing your staff with their benefits and salary. Therefore it is a part of your job to make a payroll.

Running a Salon

Make sure that your salon follows the legal structure required by the state. There are five types of legal structure including sole proprietorship, partnership and limited liability. The limited liability gives a lesser chance for probability for financial problems. Ensure orderliness in the salon, sanitize the whole and carry out staff clean up at least twice a week. Maximize time and do not keep the costumers waiting. Make a comprehensive table for appointments. It is also wise to train your staff and assign them based on their specialties. This is another way for time management. Scheduling should be done wisely and fairly. The busiest part of the day demands more staff.

Encourage your staff to join seminars and trainings to update themselves with the latest trends in fashion. This will ensure the quality of service they will provide. Remember that the performance of your staff will be the basis of costumers for rating your salon. It is also good if your staff are able to do different tasks, if they are well rounded in the salon then they can surely fill in for unnecessary need especially when one personnel is absent.


  • Diana Kom said on March 8, 2011
    I am going to open a Beauty Parlor at Koramangala. what are the requirement/document for opening a salon. Please suggest. Thanks
  • Nasreen said on September 25, 2011
    we wanted to open a beauty parlor at sharjah , UAE, and we wanted to know the legal things and money involves in this regards, i request to you to kindly provide me the complete information on my mail id
  • Nadia said on January 3, 2012
    Hi, I am interested in opening Beauty Salon in Dubai. Since I was born here, i am very much familiar with the localities. At present, I need to understand how much do I require to open a small salon with hair, makeup and beauty services in the right type of locality in Dubai where women can easily walk or drive . I eagerly await your reply. Many thanks, Nadia


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