How to Build an Office Desk

Building your own office desk is very beneficial in both personal and financial expectations.

Building it is not as hard as you can imagine so you can personally do the job.

An office desk that is spacious and elegant can cost really high. This is why most business owners especially those starting a business opt to build their own custom-designed office desk that will enable them to have ample of workspace as well as desk storage for their business for a much cheaper price of the same sized of desks. You don’t have to be skilled in carpentry or have all the tools for a carpenter. This is such an easy task with great benefits for you and your business. There are simple steps in building your own office desks and they are as follows:

Steps in Assembling an Office Desk

First is to picture in mind the look of the office desk that you want. It will be like a large desk top with the one end attached and secured to the wall and the other end on the top of your filing cabinet. Then buy a 2-drawer file cabinet that will be used to hold one end of your office desk as well as provide storage for your files. Consider the visibility of all the sides of your cabinet when buying. Next is to buy a laminated countertop that will use for your office desk. You can shop on the kitchen’s remodeling section of the store for home improvement. Countertops vary on price range and designs so ask for a 6’ countertop. You can get the same size of pre-fabricated top of this at lesser price. If you like a rustic look, you can opt for a plain- interior door and if you will have wood trim edges for this, just make sure that it matches the file cabinet that your bought.

Next is to place your file cabinet onto the wall where you will place your office desk. Using your file cabinet as guide, draw a line on your wall then move the cabinet away from your wall. Then secure a 1”x2” wood strip on your wall where its top should run along your drawn line. Drill and screw your wood strips to secure them. This will be the one that will hold one end of your office desk.

Place and secure one end of your office desk on your secured wood strip and the other end on your file cabinet. You can do this by placing liquid nails or double-sided tape on the wood strip and file cabinet. You can add a drawer under it for desktop computer-keyboard as final touch.


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