How to Get a Free Patent

What is a patent? What are the methods to get a free patent search?

What is the process on how to patent an invention or idea? What are the types of patent?

Millions of funds are being utilized to build up innovative invention, idea or products. It is very deceitful to consent others to take advantage from venture that others has made. This is the role of patenting products: to secure inventiveness and providing assurance to the originator.

What is patent?

Patent provides the right to the originator for the innovation he/she has made which is arranged by the government, keeping out others from creating, using and selling the invention. It is a mechanism to guard a person’s own plan or idea and provides value to the invention. Patent simple means that the originator or the inventor has exclusive rights to the product.

Methods to Get a Free Patent Search

Knowledge on how to execute a free patent search can be extremely essential, particularly if you are trying to obtain a patent for a creation, idea or invention. Like in any search engine it is important that you know the keyword and category or classification that best describe your invention.

In doing a free patent search, there is information that you need to make a note of while doing a patent category or classification search. There are useful links that will help you such as Referenced By and Referenced Cited; through these links you will get information in relation to the patent you are getting.

If you are having a hard time finding a free patent search, there are various sites from other companies that will help you execute your search which are available. Search engines are helpful when it comes to free patent search; previous creations are cautiously acknowledged and are stored in the records of their database even if 20 years had passed as long as the appropriate keyword is used, the search will generate and show all the related idea to the patent your are searching,

Normally, websites for free patent search includes all records of information with the US patents such as USPTO and Esp@cene, not only for US based but also from other countries as long as you choose the relevant country before typing in the keyword.

In any cases that a patent cannot be located, the help of a patent lawyer needs to be sought. The legal representative will try and search for the patent too prior to agreeing on the case
One of the well known patent site that has granted patent in the US and United Kingdom is


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