How to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy without a Lawyer

Filing the Chapter 7 bankruptcy without a lawyer will help you save money and most of all it is more convenient. But since bankruptcy law became more difficult these days, the courts expect same thing from the things they normally expect from lawyers and with the filing process is still the usual.

Here are some ideas on how to file chapter 7 bankruptcy without hiring a lawyer.


You have to go to the nearby office supply shop to buy Official Form 1 or the Voluntary Petition; Notice to Debtor by Bankruptcy Petition Preparer; Notice to Individual Debtor With Primarily Consumers Debts Under 11 U.S.C and 342 B; and other essential forms that needs to be bought for the filing of the chapter 7 bankruptcy. You should know that there are legal forms that are needed in this kind of filing that is why to be sure on the format and the forms, buy the readymade ones and just fill them up.

Credit Counseling

It is also important that you’d be attending some credit counseling courses before you even try to file for the chapter 7. To do this, you may contact the credit counseling department or email them for you to be able to know the nearest recognized credit counselor in your locale. If you are married and your spouse is also submitting application for chapter 7, you should bring with you your spouse. Make sure to have the certificate of completion on hand because this is your evidence that you have already received counseling.

Forms to be completed

You have to complete the form like the Individual Debtor’s Statement of Compliance with Credit Counseling Requirement once you have received the certificate of completion. Now you have to complete the form on the Statement of Current Monthly Income. Remember that your income monthly should fall under the mean income of your state for you to be able to become eligible for Chapter 7.

Submission and Personal Financial Management Course

If you have already filled out the forms, submit it to the office of Federal Bankruptcy Court in your area. Those mentioned forms in the previous step should be submitted. The next thing you should do is to wait for your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case notification that the court will send to you. Your creditors will already know about the case once the court have sent you the notice and they will be informed as well about the venue of the hearing and the chance to challenge you is granted to them. The last step is to attend the course for personal financial management before the hearing. There are available phone numbers that is ready to be contacted whenever you want to attend a personal financial management course that is near your area. File the form 23 before the court when you received the certification of completion.

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