How to Open Brooches Store

Brooches are classic decorative jewelries that believed to have started since the Bronze Era. In this article learn the ways on how to open brooches store.

It was during the Bronze Era where brooches was believed to have started and since then brooches are being used almost everyday by people and during special occasions such as weddings.

Brooches are great gift ideas and if you want to earn extra income then open a brooches store and see for yourself that this is one business that can make you financially independent.

Learn How to Make Brooches

As a rule brooches are easy to make but there brooches with intricate designs that it will require you to study on how to make intricately designed brooches. There are do it yourself (DIY) kits available in the market for you to choose from. You can also attend seminars and trainings regarding crafts making specializing in brooch making. Learn techniques on how to make brooches from the simple to the most intricate designs. You can also experiment in creating brooches for special occasions. There brooches made from gold, sterling silver, bronze, Swarovski, floral brooches, precious and semi-precious stones, etc.

Business Plan

A business should have a business plan prepared from the time it was conceptualized. Jot down everything that comes to your mind and organize your idea. A business plan can be made on your own. You can use ready available templates in creating a business plan.

Start Up Capital

Starting a brooches store will require you to start with minimal start up capital depending on the types of brooches you would like to offer in your store. It can be sole proprietorship, partnership or a corporation. If you decide to open a bigger brooches store then applying for business loan can be your option to keep up with the required start up capital.

Employees and Staffs

If you are running a store, you will be required to hire employees and/or staffs to assist you with the daily operations of your store. Personal approach in every business is a must to ensure that the store is being well taken cared of but there will be cases you will be out of your store you will need someone to entertain walk in customers in your absence. You will need staff/s to take care of inventory and stocks.


One major consideration in putting up a store is the location where you will start your business. The mall is one of the most convenient places to start you brooches store. Make sure that you are not any where near a store that sells the same items such as yours. Direct competitor is not good for any business. You can also put up a store in you area where you will be accessible to your customers.


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