How to Open a Spine Laser Institute

If you want to open a spine laser institute, you need to prepare a detailed business plan. This is a large scale business and you need accreditation, licensing, and the best surgeons in the area.

Find an ideal location and purchase the needed equipment and supplies. Hire competent staffs and start with the promotions.

Spine Laser Institute Services

When you decide to open a spine laser institute, you need to be equipped with the right professionals, knowledge, and experience. With this type of business, you’re offering patients with a minimally invasive alternative rather than undergoing neck or back surgeries, disc replacements, and fusions. You can help others with their pain and suffering by offering a great option. Accreditation is needed to establish credibility. You need to hire only the top notch surgeons to ensure that your spine laser institute will become well known locally and nationwide.

Among the conditions that you can address are spine arthritis, back pain, back surgery, bulging discs, bone spurs, degenerative spine, disc pain, disc protrusion, facet disease, herniated disc, neck pain, nerve root, orthopedics, pinched nerve, radiculopathy, ruptured disc, and sciatica. You can offer procedures like facet thermal ablation, Foraminotomy, Laminotomy, spinal fusion alternative, and percutaneous endoscopic discectomy. Since you choose this type of services, you should already be familiar with these terms. You can lease out the facility of the laser institute and purchase the needed equipment and other essentials. You must arrange for the utilities in advance since this is very important for the entire facility.

Staffing, Pricing, and Legalities

Hire only the best staffs. You will need to hire employees for the office positions and the surgeons who will be carrying out the procedures mentioned earlier. Get only licensed and certified surgeons to avoid possible mistakes in the business operations. You will need to purchase insurance as well (e.g. general liability and worker’s compensation) to prevent potential financial losses. You have to determine the salaries of staffs and their incentives. Establish the pricing of the services and make sure that you comply with the local licensing and zoning ordinances. In this kind of business, there are zoning requirements that you should follow. Aside from the business license, you need to apply for certain permit as well.

Once everything is set especially the legal matters, you can now proceed in marketing the spine laser institute. It would be best to create a user friendly and highly optimized website. That way, you can reach more clients in your local area and in nearby places. You also need to promote locally. You can join programs for a cause by non profit organizations. You can offer free initial consultations to patients attending the program. Don’t forget to place a big sign outside the establishment. Promote over the radio and television if the campaign budget is adequate. You can easily enhance the visibility through these methods.


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