How to Open a Boutique Hotel Business

Boutique hotels, tough having an upscale nature is a profitable business. With the right capital blended to a unique, personalized, and quality services, success is definitely easy to hit.

Continuously providing needs for travelers, boutique hotels are like mushrooms in the corner.

They are getting more and more popular as they provide more personalized services to customers as compared to hotels. Boutique hotel also provides one of a kind treats to customers and as they say, boutique hotels are cookie-cutter for the different ambience it provides.

Hence if you are in any way interested to opening your own boutique hotel, here’s how.

Let us start it off with capital. Opening a boutique hotel involves a kind of big capital investment especially that you have to provide an environment for travelers who are looking for a real nice place to rest in. Financing will indeed be crucial but not to those who are capable of course.

Creativity and uniqueness will bring your business on top. It is what will differentiate you to the competition. Thus, will also be the reason for your business to be patronized. You must offer something new especially that you are new in the industry. You have to make a good impact and a good impression that will make the people remember you and that is through good conceptualization, planning and marketing. These three should work well for the business to have a jump start.

As part of having a unique service concept, furnishing the boutique hotel with the finest furniture and fixtures and having a creative architectural lay out will definitely be an advantage. It will speak for the business’ commitment to giving only the best services to its customers.

Further, location plays a vital role. Most boutique hotels are popular not only because of their services but also due to where they are located. Getting the ideal place for the business should also be a priority since it is one of the determinants of the business’ profitability. Choosing location in a place that is conducive to relaxation is a good idea for it makes you stick to the fact that all you wanted is to provide a very relaxing place to people looking for it.

To make the place completely equipped, have the best staffs that will take care of your customers as much as you would want to. Hire staffs that are friendly, approachable and patient. They will be dealing directly to customers and you would not want to lose a customer simply because your employees have not given them the right and warmest treatment.

Lastly, to make your business truly competitive is to have interesting and useful amenities such as WiFi, gym, and spa plus great food servings. Get wows from your customers and made them go back to you whenever necessary by simply providing the best amenities plus wrap it up with quality services.


  • mia matthews said on May 8, 2012
    my business proposal is for a boutique hotel in Bowdon Altrincham cheshire, England
  • Masentle Ramakatane said on November 10, 2012
    Hi i come from a small kingdom in Southern Africa called Lesotho which is surrounded by the Republic of South Africa. I need assistance in financing my dream of a boutique hotel here.
  • Sarah Dexter said on April 11, 2013
    We are interested in starting a boutique hotel in Nicargua. Are there grants available to help get us started? What other advice can you give about starting from scratch???
  • Mari markram said on June 16, 2014
    I am interested in opening a boutique hotel in the Northern cape, who can I contact to be part of a franchise group
  • veronica seck said on December 31, 2014
    I am interested in opening a small boutique hotel in Southern France. Do you know of grant money or other financial assistance for renovating?
  • Halida Nasic Friberg said on February 12, 2015
    Dear Ms., Mr. , I am planning to open a small boutique hotel of some 30 rooms in Bihac, north west Bosnia, in a National Park Una as tourism there has grown rapidly. The income the hotel would generate would go for philanthropic projects in the region. Any advice would be welcome. Also, we would greatly benefit of 50.000 Euros (grant or loan) to help us get started, where would one need to go? Many thanks in advance! Halida and Erik
  • ANthony Ziza Mpole said on April 29, 2015
    Hi guys, am a professional business planner from Kenya so if you want something to get started just conduct we see way through or I show you ways to get money so you kick off. Am a Christian a born again and a servant of God so I cannot dare withhold anything with me that I know can help one of us. Otherwise Secretive men dies with ideas which could help others but God takes them back to soil when not helping anybody with them. So why conceal anyway?


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