How to Improve Agriculture

The human race will be rendered useless if there is nothing agricultural that exists. Basically, agricultural serves as the main backbone of all industries and without it, survival is far from possible.

With this, it is a must that the present generation will learn how to improve agriculture for the betterment of the whole human race.

An essential element for the survival of the whole human race, agriculture is something that also calls for some improvement. What with the ever increasing changes especially in terms of technology, even this specific sector of the society has also suffered drastic alterations. And knowing its importance, it is a must that the present generation will learn how to improve agricultural now for the future people to still enjoy the benefits that it can offer.

Importance of Agriculture and Its Facets

The agricultural sector is being regarded s the backbone of majority of the industries. If you want to increase agricultural productivity, you must also be extra cautious about everything. You must also have enough knowledge when it comes to agricultural supply. Remember that agriculture is the source of all the primary needs: clothing, food and shelter. Today, the techniques as well as processes that are involved in it have already improved. The use of scientific method to the activities in the farms have aided people in coming up with increased output. As of now, many of producers, farm machinery, practices as well as crop diversification have become big contributors to the positive outcome high productivity.

Oldest Type of Agriculture

The studies being conducted also have the aim of increasing the outputs in agriculture, as exactly defined depending on the numerous characteristics. When it comes to the types of agriculture, one of the major ones is transfer of exploitation. This type is also referred to as slash and burn and is also one of agriculture oldest methods. The nomads practiced this kind and among the main crops they had include:

  • Maize
  • Rice
  • Yams
  • Cassava
  • Millet

Plantation Management and Mixed Farming

Plantation management is also one kind of farming and this kind is what is being practiced by the crop farmers in the large estates. Processing those products that come from here is also needed before they actually reach the market. The crops that are common in this kind would include:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa
  • Rubber

Prevalent also is the so-called mixed farming. Here, what happens basically would be buy and sell of the numerous agricultural products.


When it comes to the most important kinds of the activities in agriculture, horticulture will surely not be left out. This encompasses those farmers who are growing fruits and flowers using gardening practices. Needed in this kind of farming is a good transport system.

There are actually a lot of agricultural types which people must be aware of in order for them to know where they can start to improve the whole of the sector of agriculture.


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