How to Grow Thyme

Thyme is the kind of plant that has multitude of flavors, fragrance, hardiness ranges and growth habits. But do not be discouraged.

Thymes are easy to grow with pungent leaves. Here are some tips on how to grow this plant the right way.

Buy the Plants

You can buy the thyme plant from the herb nursery near your area. This kind of plant is best planted during spring. It is important that when you plan to buy a particular plant for planting purposes, you should know whether it is suited for the season. There are particular plants that have a required season as far as the planting of the said plant is concern. You cannot buy a plant during spring which is to be planted in spring. The time and weather is very much important in planting. Seeds usually germinate slowly. Most thyme varieties do not usually reproduce from seeds. That is why you should know certain things about buying thyme from stores before you actually buy and plant them.

The Site

In planting thymes, the site where you will plant it is also important. It should have sunlight and it is well-drained. It should also have dry soil preferably with pH from 6.0 to 8.0. These are just some of the specific things your site should have in order for you to grow thymes properly. Another thing, the soil should be worked with plenty of organic matters so that good drainage is ensured. Remember, that growing thymes is easy but you should also bear in mind that even if it is easy, you should still follow these preferred things to be done on the site where you will plant thymes so that in turn, you will be able to harvest good thymes.


When you are actually starting to plant the thymes, you should set them at least 6 to 12 inches apart. But this would depend on the kind or variety of the thyme you are planting. It is essential that you follow the setting of how to plant them because if they are set properly when you plant them, they will have enough space to grow well. Plants also need proper spaces while they are growing. If they are placed properly, they will grow up fully and they will even be healthy. When you do this, try also to check on the comprehensive herb book the label of the thyme you are planting so that you will know the proper distances of the plants when they are planted.

Other Important Things

You should also protect your thymes while they are growing. Protect them with winter mulch. This is so if the variety of the thyme you planted is not that reliably hardy in the area. You should also divide your thymes every three to four years so that you can maintain its denseness and it stays healthy.


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