How to Plant Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are very important in our surroundings because they are the ones who give beauty to the landscape while giving us healthy and delicious fruit to eat.

Here are some ideas on how to grow fruit trees.

Maintaining Steady Growth

For you to be able to maintain the growth of your fruit trees, climate is an essential factor. There are particular fruit bearing trees that requires a particular climate for them to bear fruits well. They are sometimes dependent on the micro or macro related factors of climate. Bear in mind that sometimes, it is also good to grow two or more variety of fruit bearing tree at a time. In order for you to have high number of harvest, the trees should cross pollinate.

Avoiding Weed Growth

In planting fruit trees, it is essential that there are no weeds growing around it. The reason for this is that these weeds are competing with the trees for the nutrients of the soil. When there are weeds around your fruit trees, the trees will not be able to fully get the nutrients that are being given off by the soil. These nutrients are essential to these trees because they will help the trees to be healthy and when these trees are healthy, they will be able to produce fruits that are sweet and healthy. You may remove these weeds by using pine needles or you may also apply bark mulch. As much as possible apply these over the life time of the fruit tree. There are also lawn fertilizers that are used for the season of spring and fall. These are applied because during these seasons, the soil is not properly giving off nutrients. That is why to support the trees; fertilizers are being applied so that they will still grow well even if the soils where the trees are planted are not performing their job well.

Pest control

Since these trees you are growing are fruit bearing trees, it should be protected from pests which destroy the fruit from the tree. There are already pesticides which are ready to use which are available in the market today. These pesticides will help prevent pesticides from destroying the fruits of your fruit bearing trees. But be careful also from choosing the pesticide you are going to use. There are pesticides that give too much chemical and will harm the fruits and the person who will eat the fruit as well. That is why it is now preferred to use organic pesticides which are not harmful to the fruit and not harmful to the person who eats the fruit. It is much better to use a much safer pesticide so that you will avoid any health problem in the future.


If you regularly prune the fruit trees, it will grow well and the quality of the fruit it bears will also improve. When these trees are dormant, it is the clue that it is the best time to prune them.

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  • Botlhale Jacobs said on January 30, 2011
    I have a piece of land in the northwest province in South Africa.I would like to start a business in fruit farming.I have no experience whatsoever. If anyone could advice me on how to start it up.


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