How to Get an Applebee's Franchise

Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar is the most popular food establishment that offers the casual dining experience, in the country.

The Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar serves mainstream American dishes which include the classic salads, pastas, shrimp and chicken dishes, and the signature Applebee’s item, the riblets. Being a bar it also serves a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.

The Applebee’s chain of restaurants started in Decatur, Georgia in 1980 and was started by Bill and T.J. Palmer as the original name of their first restaurant was Applebee’s Rx for Edibles and Elixirs. In 1985 the company started franchising and in 1986 the concept was changed to Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar. There are currently more than 1,900 restaurants of its kind and the company is currently opening more than 100 new restaurants per year. The headquarters for Applebee’s was originally in Overland Park in Kansas and has moved to Lenexa Kansas in 2008.

Interested applicants for the Applebee’s franchise are those that have business experience or are business owners with proven track records and well established organizations. It is also necessary to have a strong net worth and liquidity and of course the over all passion and determination to succeed and develop on the business model that is set out for them by the company. There are a number of fees that the applicant must consider and these include the original franchising fee, development fees, royalty fees and advertising and marketing fees.

The total investment for the Applebee’s franchise is at $1,000,000 and the initial franchise fee is at $40,000 and this is paid to each developed franchising establishment. The royalty fee is at 4% of the gross sales for the first two years and increases to 5% there after. Advertising fee is no less than 4% as the franchisees are required to contribute at least 3.5% of their gross sales to the marketing and advertising of the company which includes the paraphernalia and public relations endeavors. Take note that the franchisor does not offer any financial assistance and if one needs this kind of aid they may consider other third party financial firms or bank loans.

Upon acceptance of the application to the Applebee’s franchise the franchisee will start the field training program for the franchise management which is inclusive of in store performance based training which is both in classroom and task oriented. This is for the directors of the operation, the franchise owners or other supervisory person that is also part of the development team. Once the training at the headquarters is completed there will be a review of the site and establishment and aid at the branch opening for one week which is also inclusive of the training for the employees as well.

The franchise has a 20 year long term of agreement and renewal is up to for times for at least 5 years for each renewal and a fee of 10% of the original renewal fee is to be paid.


  • dylan tumey said on December 14, 2010
    how would you get a applebees in a small town? how many people would the have to in in that area?
  • shahid iqbal said on November 28, 2012
    Dera Ghazi Khan , Punjab Pakistan. i have no experience in Hotel or food store.


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