How to Get a General Contractors License

If you want to take on projects or place bids, it is vital that you secure a general contractor’s license. Visit the concerned agency in your state and find out the needed papers or documentation.

Make sure that you comply accordingly to get the license soon.

The licensing requirements for general contractors may have similarities among states but there are also differences. If you are looking for relevant info, it would be best if you check with the concerned state agency. That is the only way to be sure that you’ve complied with the law and you are guaranteed to receive the needed license.

As a general rule, you can’t use your existing license if you plan to conduct work in another state. This is especially true if the state where you’re planning to exercise your profession has different requirements, although there are also exceptions to the rule. There is a fine that you must pay just in case it is proven that you’ve carried out a project without the required general contractor’s license.

The Common State Requirements

Here are the basic requirements when applying for a contractor’s license:

  • Must be of legal age
  • US citizen
  • Occupational license or relevant documentation
  • Bidding
  • Photos

For corporations, it is important that the company is registered with the office of the state secretary. Once you submit the bid to take on a construction project, regardless if it’s for a repair, renovate, alter, move, wreck, or any other work, a contractor’s license is necessary.

There are other licenses that you might need to secure based on the work scope but in most cases, a general contractor’s license is the first thing that you must have. Know the requirements and prepare whatever documents or paperwork that you must accomplish. It is wrong to assume that the license you’ve obtained from another state can also be used in the state where you plan to operate.

Additional Requirements

Make sure that you are equipped with the needed info such as contact persons, addresses, application fees, exam, and phone numbers. In some states, it is required that the person has a high school diploma or GERD equivalent. There are also additional requirements that you must comply like occupation license, worker’s compensation coverage or liability, and a state license bond.

The bond can be costly but once you’ve completed the requirements and you’ve passed the examination, you will be issued a license. The exam is usually about construction law, skills, and business organization. Make sure that you do some review regarding the local laws on construction so that you can pass the test. What are you waiting for? It is not right to propose bids if you don’t have a license. It will only compromise your reputation. Secure a license and from there, you can take on as many projects as you can.


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