Body Shop Business Strategy

The business created by Anita Roddick would not meet its success without the Body Shop Business Strategy. Various companies already have a business plan before they gamble and plunge into the pool of uncertainties to ensure business success.

In the case of the Body Shop, it has created a strategy which a normal person would easily understand.

Business Strategies have been formulated long before a business has introduced itself in the market. Marketing plans have been incredibly created to stand any extreme conditions even in times of economic uncertainties. Here are some of the Body Shop Strategies’ which amazingly help the company achieve its success.

Ethical Approach

According to Roddick the company has the responsibility of returning something to the society where they take their business from. It is like some sort of give and take relationship or more like mutualism which gives balance to the world. The ethical approach of Roddick has long been the Body Shop business strategy ever since it began. Besides, it has been Roddick’s commitment to make business while pursuing the fight for human rights and ethical treatment of animals.

Uniqueness of Product

Aside from the fact of having business with an ethical approach to the nature, animals, and especially humans, the unique product of the Body Shop makes it more appealing to people having all cosmetic products being made from all natural ingredients. Roddick’s approach for her business in making natural ingredients for her cosmetic products invites people to purchase naturally made products because of its low risk for adverse effects.

Growth Strategies

In aiming for company growth, analysis of different factors which are likely to affect the growth of the company should be considered. Factors that are being considered as part of the Body Shop business strategy includes political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors.

Customer Satisfaction

As part of the Body Shop business strategy customers’ reaction always affect the company’s standing in the market. It depends on the how the customers accept the products and make it a habit to include such products in their lives. In Body Shop’s case cosmetics have been largely used in the society and customers accepted it warmly along with its idea of being environment friendly.

Ever since Anita Roddick has created the Body Shop as a response for the need of having a way of living while her husband roams around the United States, she has always incorporated social responsibility in every endeavor. Because of her fight for human rights, ethical treatment for animals, and the right for fair trade her business dramatically stepped up to the cosmetics industry. Because of her publicity somehow her business created a trend around the industry and competes with other products which are long been present in the market.


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