How to Find Sellers

The real estate world is a very big market wherein you will get to touch elbows with all sorts of people. If this will be your first time to enter this enormous world, there is a big need for you to be able to get in touch with sellers who are motivated enough.

Here are some of the strategies on how to find sellers.

In case that you are planning to be a part of the market of real estate and you would like to buy your very own home in a relatively short period of time, it would be very advisable for you to look for motivated sellers. Not all sellers are really equally created and there are also some who will wait long until there will be a buyer who can meet your asking price and some additional conditions. So, with you being one potential buyer, how will you sort the motivated ones from those who are not?

The Market’s Nature

One thing that you should take into consideration is the market’s nature where you will plunge yourself. As of now, Australia is the place which is still in the middle of the sellers’ market. This is a kind of market where more buyers search for homes that they can buy, a number larger than the actual homes that are open for buying. If the market is like this, the edge will be to sellers, wherein the majority will surely wait just so they can settle for the deal that they want. In the market of buyers, you can expect that there will be more homes for sale than the buyers who would like to buy one, giving the edge to buyers. If this is the case, the sellers will be more motivated to conduct negotiations because of the condition of the market.

Two Strategies

Two strategies can actually be used so that motivated sellers can be found. Both will actually depend on the ability that you have being a buyer to wait for sellers who will give you the best deal. If you wait longer, you will have more options.

Homes Sitting in the Market

The strategy that you can do first is to seek for the homes which have been sitting on the market for a long time already and are still not sold. The use of this particular strategy will be a lot easier if you work with a real estate’s professional agent. They have a quicker access to all information which will not just let you know the span of time that the home has been sitting as well as the estimated time for selling homes in your area. In case that your place has plenty of homes like these, you will surely get the perfect home for a nice price as well.

Homes that are Overpriced

The next strategy will be much longer and is actually the first’s extension. Here, what you will do is to search for overpriced homes which have a chance to be included also in the lists of homes which have been sitting on the market for a long time. This is a strategy that is more attractive in the market of sellers, since most of the homeowners will sell their houses for exorbitant prices with the positive thought of getting inflated prices.


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