How to Get a Piercing License

Policies and regulations relating to the issuance of the licenses for those who have piercing business differ in each state. Although these regulations vary in each state, the laws when it comes to general requirements of piercing license are usually the same. One of which is to comply with all the requirements before issuing a license. It is to be noted that without a license, one cannot legally operate a business.

Thus, it is very important to get a license first before starting a business so as to avoid legal issues.

Most states have the same laws when it comes to the requirements involving the training on body piercing and the regular safety, health, and medical guidelines. As for the entire provisions of law for body piercing, it is imperative that you research these things such as the precise procedures and specific requirements that are applicable to your state. Here are some of the steps on getting a piercing license.

  • Get Trained

    There are many ways to get trained and learn body piercing. One of which is online learning. Numerous courses online are now available in the internet which will provide you tutorials. Some of these online courses will also refer you to tattooing and piercing institutes that will give you the necessary training. Aside from training either online or in a classroom, another best way for you to get a proper and legitimate training as well as experience is becoming an apprentice. Make sure that when you apply for apprenticeship, the one you are applying for is an experienced, professional, and definitely a qualified piercer.

  • Licensing Requirements

Here are some of the basic and most common licensing requirements are the following.

  • The minimum age of the individual technician as well as the facility owner must be 18 years old.
  • The premises must follow the sanitation, health, and other requirements for the management of the facility.
  • Provide information on registration concerning autoclaves as well as other equipment that are used for the sterilization.
  • Give information on exemption proof for the maintenance of the pre-sterilized equipment.
  • Detailed pictures of the business location or premises which must include the sterilization area, piercing are, as well as the facilities of bio-hazard storage.
  • Open premises for the inspection, which will be yearly and any time as clearly stipulated by authorities.

In addition to this, bear in mind that there is also a different set of requirement for individual technicians. If you are interested to know the requirements for the individual technician, you can surf the internet or go directly to your state laws in order to find out.

You also have to remember that the given set of requirement mentioned above is generalized which most states provide to their applicants. Thus, it is still important for you to spare some time with your body piercing licensing law just to be sure. Acquiring a license is an easy process if you know and possess all the necessary requirements provided by your state.


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