How to Find a Moving Company

One of the moments in your life that requires you to trust people is when you decide to move from one house to another.

You need to hire people to help you move and then one day you’ll realize that those people you hired are imaginary or scammers. Know the things you need to know about them here.

Two Common Moving Company Scam

In hiring moving companies you have to know them personally and that they have a good track record. You will be entrusting your things and valuables to them when you move from your house so you should be able to make sure that your valuables are in good and trusted hands.

Hostage-Goods Scam

People doing this kind of scam pretend to be an authentic moving company. They will set their procedures and makes sure that you will like them and see to it that they will gain your trust. Once they have closed the deal, they will look for your house and start getting all your things just like a real moving team. Of course you are there to see that they have all your things and you didn’t leave anything behind. Now you travel to your new house expecting that by the time you reach there, you will be meeting the moving team. But all of a sudden, they didn’t show up. Instead, when you called them up they will treat your goods and valuables as hostages. They will then demand a large amount of money for you to regain your things. It is as if you are obliged to pay ransom to get your things. This kind of scam is very scary especially if your things are expensive and has a sentimental value.

Advance Deposit Scheme Scam

In this kind of scam, fake moving companies would advertise their fake company over the internet. Once someone booked a contract with them, they will act as an authentic company catering services to those people who wants to move their things to another point. Once they have closed a deal with you, they will now require you to pay in advance over your credit card or let you deposit the amount of money asked in their bank account. Of course you will now be expecting them the next day or on the date you both agreed when to pick your things. But then, you’ll end up waiting for no one. Since the company you hired is fraud, they will never show up in your house to pick your things. They are just after your money and nothing else.

This kind of scam is also present in any other types of businesses especially those businesses in the internet. You see, internet may be a reliable source for great things but most of the time they are really not giving the real thing. You’ll just end up sitting in your porch crying for your money was taken away by those silly scammers.


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