How to Start a Record Company

A record company can manage different things regarding the music industry.

It can manage music talents, release their albums and even transact business with other companies regarding the music entertainment.

Instructions on Starting a Record Company

You must first think of the name of your record company. This is a good start if you want to have your own record business. Your company name will be the label of the talents and activities of them. It is important that you choose the name that will be catchy and will remain in the minds of your future clients. Make sure that your company’s name is somehow related to the music genre that your talents are making. Then, search through the internet whether there are existing companies that has the same name as the name you have chosen to your company. Make sure that the name you chose is still available and that there is no other company that owns that name. When somebody owns that name, it means that the name is registered and licensed to that company only. Anyone who would forge and copy that name will be liable.

By the time you made sure and researched on the name, you will go to the secretary of state or registrar to pass the name you want your record company would want to have and there you will know if you are free to use that name. They will determine if that name is already registered in their records. Through this, you will avoid any liability from the state. It is important that you have a background of the name you have and you stated there the reason why you chose that name. There are other things that will be asked to you by the registrar why you chose that name and they will tell you some other requirements needed to complete your application. Also, for tax purposes, you should know what kind of business form your company will do. Taxes are important so do not even think of getting rid of it.

Obtain a business license. This license will allow you to legally operate your record company. Since your company is in the entertainment field, there is lots of money involved so in having this kind of business having your business license and permit will definitely help you do freely in your business and make sure that you will not have a problem with the local state when they checked your license with them.

A logo is also needed in a record company. This will be the main visual identity your company will possess. Through this, you will be known to your clients and to other people. Logos are usually used by different companies and they are also being registered because they become the company’s entity. Whatever or wherever this logo would go, it will definitely affect the company.


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