How to Do Event Photography

Event photography is considered to be the most common kind of commercial photography. Event coverage is primarily similar for most events and occasions. The photographer is being hired to cover the events as visual record.

Aside from specific images needed, photographers need to engage and mingle with the people in that event. In general, events are centered on the presentation or speaker.

The Basics of Event Photography

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is to capture the needed images from the event. It depends on the photographer. He can experiment with various techniques. Before the event, it would be nice to walk the area for you to able to have a peek on the event. Doing this could help you determine the appropriate sources of lighting for the pictures. It is also great area for shooting and white balance readings too.

  • Event Themes

    Most events do have theme, so it is very important to look for decorations that symbolizes them like ornaments, freestanding posters as well as table ornaments. It is very important to work on with the theme and be sure to incorporate it with the pictures. Make sure to position groups and people in front of large indistinct backgrounds that symbolize the event’s theme. You can also use colorful backdrops and decorations to capture candid pictures.

  • Lighting

    Lighting creates interest and drama in pictures. It is very nice to look for natural light coming from the window and use it as side lightings. This can help to tone down the images and produces a more relaxed feel. You can experiment on the lighting especially if there are lots of lighting sources and use it to add more drama. If colored lights are available, you can use these to make mood and drama. By using attractive lighting can surely create a wonderful drama in such images.

  • Angles

    Another important thing that you need to know on doing successful event photography is to now the right angles. As you know, angle plays an important role on producing impressive photos, meaning you need to take the best angles to capture the best picture in the event. If there’s a speaker talking, try to kneel and shoot a perfect angle.

  • Distance

    According to get close to your subjects. Do not be scared to get close and take the perfect shot. In these events, people expect that it will be covered and they will be patient and helpful for you to take nice photos of them. As you know, event photography means taking pictures of people in that event. Try to use long lens for you to take the best pictures of people closely without looking stiff.


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