How to Buy Shoes Wholesale

Is your love and passion for shoes the one that motivated you to build your own shoe store? Then you don’t have to worry on how to provide the consumers with what they need because you can always buy shoes wholesale from a reputable wholesale seller.

In this article, you will be able to discover the ways on how to buy shoes wholesale.

The ways of purchasing wholesale shoes for novice persons especially in business can be an intimidating task but there are many things to consider. But because of the fact that wholesale stores provide discounts for anything that is bought in bulk, you can have the chance to experience greater business returns because of the shoes you purchase.

Tips for Small Shoe Stores to Buy Shoes

Purchasing wholesale shoes starts with research. Acquire knowledge of the industry and about the several kinds of shoes like wholesale sandals, wholesale pumps, wholesale boots and many more. Once you have met the wholesale distributor for the first time, do not think twice to approach and ask some information regarding the shoe business transaction. With this, you will precisely earn the wholesaler’s respect. In addition to that, this will also lead to better business relationship that you need to continuously be entitled to discounts. The significance of conducting a research is that you can identify the different types of shoes industries and allow you to meet different wholesale shoes distributors.

Next, is to acquire all the important files in building a shoes business. Several wholesale shoes suppliers need business license or documents in tax. However, some of them only require having less purchase requirement. But it is nice to have these files on hand in order to give you benefits like waiving the sales tax. This requirement depends on the area of your business and the wholesale shoes supplier.

Third, don’t hesitate to ask discounts on vastness orders. Several wholesale shoes suppliers provide additional discounts especially for bulk orders. Some shoe stores deal in large qualities of stock because they believe that this is quite profitable and marketable. So, one important thing to consider here is the space. You will need spacious room where you can put all your stocks. Then, you must ask about “slow-moving” wholesale shoes. Remember that wholesale shoes distributors’ goal is to keep their stocks moving as fast as possible. So, if you observe that they have a slow-moving process, you can buy them and get them at a lower price. Just make sure that your target wholesale shoes styles are in trend because it will just be worthless if no would buy them.

Last is to have credible partner with your wholesale shoes supplier. The best thing to have is a better relationship with your business partners by being responsible.


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  • agatha said on February 7, 2015
    I would like to start a shoe business back home in Zambia. Right now am based in SA but will be going back in a few months time. How can I access wholesale shoes?
  • A.P. N aveen kumar Raju said on September 15, 2017
    Dear Sir /Madam, I would like to start a shoe store in india. I would like to have details about your products can you mail me your details. I would like access the wholesale shoes can you tell me
  • Afrin Malka said on October 2, 2017
    Hi, I am from India. I want to start shoe business, I like customizing shoes with embellishments. In other words I want to become one of kind shoe designer. Please suggest ways to become a successful entrepreneur of shoes.
  • Akinnusi Tosin said on October 21, 2017
    Dear Sir/Ma I'm in Nigeria. how much do I need to start up a Shoe business
  • Ashvin manvar said on December 9, 2017
    Dear sir, I am from ahmedabad. I want to start my own business. my first choice is nike. I love nike that is why I choose nike. I was retail employee n this time I want start my own business. Plz give me right suggestion, My nmbr -9662639666


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