How to Become an Esthetician

A lot of people are thinking of becoming an esthetician due to the growing demand on specialized skincare services. The growth is relatively higher as compared to other professions in the spa and salon industry.

As per the processes and licensing requirements of esthetician, these often vary from one state to another. Candidates also need to qualify through successful completion of written and practical exam and formal training.

Obtain a Cosmetology or Esthetician Certificate

The formal education and training of an esthetician is often completed by entering community colleges, technical institutes or cosmetology schools. As per the certificate programs, these can take only 1 or 2 semesters to finish. The classroom hours and number of contact also vary by the program enrolled in by a person. And, it also depends on the licensing requirements of the state.

The certificate program also best contains courses related to different aspects of safety and health. These also include various services such as makeup application, self-tanning and body polishing. Those who aspire to become esthetician can choose to enroll in an associate degree related to cosmetology with esthetics. Certain topics are often explored such as hair removal, nutrition and skin disorders. The majority of programs also demand students to complete their internships in salon centers.

They would also be supervised by licensed professionals and they would obtain clinical practice along with product application, skin analysis and massaging techniques.

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It is also best suggested to enroll in business courses that can expand employment opportunities. Doing so helps those who want to open their salons and freelance their services. Even marketing courses would prove to be beneficial.

Get Licensure

Apart from completing a training program, candidates are required of passing a licensing exam. This will mainly include of a physical and written exam whereas, a licensee should demonstrate his or her knowledge of safety and sanitation. Even his or her capability of performing certain tasks should be proven at this exam.

Several states set their minimum age requirements. Thus, one should fall at the exact age of sixteen. And thus, it is essential for anyone interested in becoming an esthetician to research the regulations of the state. Almost fifty states demand estheticians to obtain licensure. Even the renewal of the license often varies from one state to another.

Continue Education Options for Advancement

There are lots of continuing education options that are available to all licensed estheticians. These often include of seminars, workshops and classes. These courses also cover certain topics of chemical peeling, product promotion, sales and aromatherapy. Through this form of education, it allows estheticians to stay updated with the industry trends. And this way, they can further expand their career employments and opportunities. They can also stay eligible for promotions.

Better to get connected with a professional organization that can offer you with a lot of impressive benefits. There will also be a lot of educations options and networking opportunities in store for you!

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