How to Become UX Designer?

UX design (User Experience Design) is a method of enhancing and improving the satisfaction of users by means of improving the accessibility, pleasure and usability. It also incorporates the traditional (HCI) or the Human-computer Interaction design and spreads it by talking all features of the services and the products as alleged by the users.

Due to the reason that UX Design is mainly about designing the comprehensive product experience, it does not necessarily require a complete understanding of the fields related to sociology, psychology and design just to determine the right problems of the user.

ux design

Apart from it, this requires the skills related to tactical, concept iteration, researcher, usability testing and prototyping. In UX design, a UX Designer is also essentially needed.

Here are some of the tips on how to become a UX Designer:

Get Educated

Being UX designer does not require one to hold any major degree. However, in starting the field of UX design, there is a need to watch, to listen and to read everything around you. Anything that gets into your hand should also be paid attention. This way, you can best understand the “what” and the “how” that professional UX designers do.

Know the Right Tools

The world of UX designing is not entirely working on your own and sitting in front of your personal computer. It is also more focused on working with other people. Actually, there are two major tasks that are needed in UX designing; conducting of guerrilla usability testing sessions and creating interactive wireframes. These also require the use of the right tools in serving these purposes.

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Get Some Experience and Develop Essential Traits

Seek for an agency or an organization wherein you can volunteer to conduct a usability session or user interview. Apart from it, you must also have a better understanding when it comes to constraints and web technology possibilities.  

For you to become a UX designer, all you need is to get educated. You also need to know the exact and the right tools to use for it to work well. Apart from it, you also need to get the best experience. There are lots of successful UX designers all over the world. You can also become one of these successful UX designers for as long as you have the curiosity. Actually, you need natural curiosity about the people. And then, you need to be more curious about the world and the patterns. Being UX designer, you need to be comfortable of the designs such as the technology, the culture and the behavior.

If you don’t have passion for designs and anything related to UX, you are only clearly saying that you are not interested in it. If you tend to breathe, live and deconstruct the experiences wherever and whenever you go, it means to say that you are passionate in the world of UX designing.

Empathy is also needed for you to construct and design good products that everyone will love.

Software and Online/Offline Tools Needed

You need to educate yourself with different software and tools as this work is heavily depends on them and you will be using these tools in day-to-day work. Here are the list of software and tools to learn.

  • Languages: sass, css, jquery, angular js, JavaScript, html 5, html
  • Tools/Software: Photoshop, Sublime, Microsoft Visual Studio, Source Tree

Websites and Forums that help in Building this Career

  1. UX community on Slack:UX Community on Slack”
  2. Social Networks sites and groups:
    • LinkedIn Groups: User Experience, UX Professionals, User Experience Professionals Network
    • Facebook Groups
    • Explore whatsapp and Instagram
  3. Websites:, and
  4. Google search "Twitter UX experts"

Paid or Free Projects to Do

Once you learn different languages and tools then, you should do some projects. There are 2 ways to get projects, you can work on live projects by associating yourself to some of the freelancers/companies or pull some dummy projects from the internet (try on,,, guru) to work on and fine tune your skills.

Finding Jobs

Only learning different languages and tools will not fetch you a job, you have to work hard on building a good resume and promote yourself on internet to get a suitable job.

  • Building resume
  • Using job portals and submitting your resume to them (,, indeed)
  • Finding potential jobs through social media
  • Using your contacts such as colleagues, friends and relatives to find a job
  • Search in google with advanced filters to find some openings
  • Attending job fairs

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