How to be a Restaurant Consultant

If you have a deep passion in offering assistance and guidance for the growth and development of a restaurant then you are definitely qualified of becoming a restaurant consultant. Do you know the steps on how to be a restaurant consultant?

Being a professional consultant for restaurants would be easy once you follow these simple tips we’ve set for you.

Becoming a Restaurant Consultant, Is it an Easy Job?

Restaurants are often subject to improvements with the aim of increasing the flow of revenue in order to thrive in the restaurant industry. There are times that a restaurant owner needs to hire a professional to help them in the layout of the overall business plan which includes conceptualization, marketing strategies, menu planning, hiring and training of staffs, policy development, and other business aspects. The expertise of a restaurant consultant is critically needed on this kind of situation; therefore before someone can acquire this well-paid profession he or she must learn some of the important features of the job.

If you’re one of the aspirants of becoming a reputable restaurant consultant, acquiring the job would not be easy in the first place as it will require you to be accustomed in the restaurant business in general. The following are part of the job of a resultant consultant:

  • Preparing a well-organized business plan for starters in the restaurant business.
  • Providing assistance in the conceptualization of the restaurant business to make it competitive in the industry.
  • Giving out tips and advices on how to improve the business venue for enhancing the flow of revenues and how to maintain its clientele.
  • Supports in the hiring and training of staffs.
  • Keeping an eye on the possibility of expansion for the growth of the business.
  • Handling the project management for the actual operation, interior designing, menu planning, outfitting the kitchen, and stock management by searching dependable source suppliers.

There are also instances that a restaurant consultant handles financial management if the business is struggling financially. For that reason, experience and education are the key points to be qualified as a restaurant consultant.

Tips on How to be a Restaurant Consultant

According to, the estimated typical earnings of a restaurant consultant range from $17,000 up to $25,000 and the number is expected to become higher depending on the years of experience in the industry. Education is the first step in acquiring the job and the aspirant must finish a restaurant-related course like Hotel and Restaurant Management or other business management courses.

Enrolling in a restaurant management program is a big help for you to learn the basics of the business. It is also advisable for you to have enough experience in the restaurant business or you can work with a restaurant consultancy firm to gain more knowledge and skills. Once you have developed your consulting expertise, you can plan to establish your own consultancy company or work independently. You must build-up a good portfolio and establish a large network in order to become successful on this worthwhile career.


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    Auckland Nz.over twenty years experience in the industry. As waiter to silver service bar functions and hotels and restaurants to cafe
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    I do event management and now i want to do both


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