How to Advertise Door to Door?

There are many ways now you can advertise from the traditional style to the use of Internet. But even when there are easier and cost effective ways you can advertise your product and service, but there is still importance to traditional forms of marketing.

One of the traditional ways of marketing is going door to door. You must have seen this way of marketing, let’s get to the details here.

advertise door to door

What is Door to Door Marketing?

The door to door marketing is probably one of the most overlooked marketing techniques for startups.  This form of marketing can work for almost all the products and services. At the same time, it is simple and easy with you just going door to door, introduce yourself and promote your product or service. With how effective door to door marketing is, it is not surprising how companies are turning over to this technique to win their customers.

Survey Show, People Don’t Like Door to Door Advertising

The problem is that most people don’t like door to door advertising, more specifically the salespeople. It’s not a secret that people have built quite the negative stereotype for door to door salesperson as we look at them selling their products. For the salesperson, the key is not to sell but rather to introduce yourself and simply share what you do.

This attitude has proven to get a variety of responses. While at first the chances of people appreciating what you do are quite slim, over time they grow and then, willing to buy whatever product or service you have to offer. So how to make that happen? The key is not to approach your neighbor’s door, like a salesman but simply as a neighbor.

Don’t Spend Time Too long in Any House

There’s always a ‘no’ in this marketing scheme. You will always be rejected a lot of times, sometimes with people to just get it done while others listen patiently even though they aren’t interested. With that, it is better you don’t waste your time staying too long pitching to people who aren’t going to buy. The time you spend waiting can be used to find people who are more interested in what you do and to make this happen, let your customer feel comfortable in saying ‘no’ to you.

Door to Door Advertising is Not about Convincing

You probably don’t believe this, but when you do around promoting your product thinking that you need to make sales, you are likely to fail. In this kind of advertising, know that pressure won’t do you any good. People don’t trust you because they don’t know and that’s why they don’t believe what you’re telling them.

As such, what you need to do is get to know them, understand them. In door to door advertisement, it is best to focus on learning about your customers and building a relationship with them first. After that you can pitch or tell them what you do and what you have to offer. When you have told them what you do, that’s when you connect the dots telling them how your product can solve their problems.


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