How do you find out if a Business is Legitimate

Finding out if a business is legitimate or not can be a daunting task but with the proper research, you will know which one you can deal with.

We just have to be cautious in choosing which business to deal with.

Legitimate or Not

Often times, what we asked when we are about to deal with a business is if the business is legitimate or not. However, there are other consumers who assume that all businesses are legitimate since they are monitored and approved by the existing government, but this is a false belief. While there may be rules and regulations in establishing a business or a company in the different countries around the world, authorization to operate does not always guarantee honesty. In fact, there are some businesses or companies that pretend to have this authorization but the truth is that they do not.

Dishonest and scammers businesses have exploited deliberately our trust to goodness and truth so you must be very cautious when dealing to any business today. Just because they can produce a nice looking business card, certification, registration number, and some other identification documents, does not mean that they should be trusted. So, if you are in doubt about the business that approach you, do some verification and research first. Then if you really not satisfied with your gathered information, you better not deal with them and just deal with others offering the same thing who will gain your trust.

Things to Check

If you consider on dealing with a company, you may want to know and verify its track record. Find out if they have a legitimate address as well as working phone number. Do not deal with businesses that use the post office address as its corporate address or businesses that can be reached only by leaving your message on answering machine or call-center operator. Furthermore, verify if the company or business is registered with any major directory for business. You can use the internet to verify this thing.

Find out if the business or the company is truly licensed by its state. Ask the company if it has a membership on any genuine professional association. Then verify the membership by directly calling the organization. If they have a web page, look for the TRUSTe certification and view the information they provide in their site. Check also the complaint record of the company through your local department or through the state attorney general. Last but not the least is to not trust the company that offers too good deals or superb profits instantly. Always trust your intuition when doing business because it is the right thing to do.


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