Office Relocation Planning

One of the hardest parts in the office that everyone has to deal with is the office relocation because this entails lots of work.

In just one day of the relocation, so many people will get affected such as vendors, employees and clients.

Probably there will also be millions of dollars that you will lose. But since this is inevitable, everyone just needs the fact that this needs to happen whether they like it or not.

In this kind of task, you need to have loads of careful planning and organization as well to make the entire job faster and easier. Planning is the most important aspect in this tough task. In order for the office relocation to be a success, you need to have back up, of course. First, you need to need to group the personnel in every department so that there will be division of labor. The team also needs to obtain the needed information and go back. A master plan must also be prepared just before the move begins. This will also include evaluation, responsibilities, timelines and requirements. This plan should not just be an idea because it will just be blowing in the wind. It must absolutely be put into a document and will sooner or later be distributed to all the office personnel.

What is Office Relocation Planning?

Just before the date of the office relocation begins, the teams must conduct regular meetings with regard to measuring achievements, fixed timelines and requirements. You also need to decide on space requirements which depend on projected growth, office equipment and team strength. In the requirements, you also need to add utilities, lunch area, reception area, conference rooms and many more. To be more organized, you also need to list the requirements for office equipment which include lighting needs, conferencing facilities, electrical outlets, wiring, internet cabling, telephone lines, laptops and computers.

The budget is also very important and you also need to apportion budget lines for every team. Next, you need to determine a location. Then, you need to obtain a blueprint copy of the latest office location featuring all the partitions, entries and exits and workstation points.

When you are already in the new office, you will still deal with several issues most especially in the fittings and electrical wirings. In order for your office to have a corporate look, you will also need to hire an expert interior designer or architect.

In the new office, the grouped teams must also be assigned again to perform different tasks. Through this, the other requirements will also be met as stipulated on the relocation plan. You also need to hire professionals in moving the tools and equipments to secure that everything is well protected.

When everything had been fixed, you can already inform all the people you do business with.


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