Home Health Agency Requirements

Starting a home health agency needs several requirements in terms of legal, training, financial and staff requirements. This kind of business does not require the owner to have health field experience.

Instead, complying with the requirements is the key to start the business.

Home health agency requires licensed nursing staff, director of nursing and an administrator. The first thing to consider in starting this kind of business is the start up cost. Obviously, the start up costs include the certification and licensing, employees bond, Medicare and insurance, clerks and billing software as well as the administrative staffs.

Getting Started

Obtaining licenses and certificate is very important in starting any kind of business and this is true with home health agency. The first thing to do is to contact and inquire from the concerned government agency about the licensing information. The licenses and certification are legal documents that should be obtained. You can hire a lawyer to do all the legal transactions. In like manner, the lawyer can give you advice the necessary things in order to protect your business. After securing the necessary legal documents you can now proceed to hiring documentation. As you will run a home health agency you should ensure that all your employees have undergone medical and drug tests. It is also important to take background check to applicants before hiring. Likewise, automobile insurance is necessary if there is a need to transport clients.

Another requirement in starting a home health agency is the Medicare certification. Medicare benefits are necessary because many patients would choose home health agency that offers such benefits. Keep in mind that not all patients can afford the cost of home health care facilities. In like manner, you should familiarize Nurse Practice Act provided by the state. See to it that you should employ professional nurses and licensed practical nurse to execute the basic health care. However, they can only provide medical care and general care when there is an order from a licensed doctor. You can also hire caregivers to assist patients. Hiring additional employees to perform cleaning as well as shopping chores is also ideal. Likewise, they can also help clients in carrying out personal hygiene.
The location is another requirement to comply. As much as possible it should be accessible to your clients and their families. There should be enough space where clients can perform activities. It is important to note that your facility should seem like a home for your clients. In addition, the most important requirement is the insurance that would cover not only the patients but also the employees. You can inquire from several insurance companies so that you can obtain the best quote that you can afford. Obtaining all the necessary requirements would mean success in your business by starting it right.


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