Marketing Strategies for Pharmaceutical Companies

Similar to other products, marketing drugs effectively is very important because it is the key to gain success.

Most of the pharmaceutical companies have their own strategies in advertising their products and the challenge that they have to face is to make it effective to the consumers.

Importance of Marketing Strategies

When promoting a product the strategies that it should use must be unique and more importantly effective to gain popularity to the consumers. There can be a lot of different methods of advertising and it is up to you to choose which one you can afford. Also, aside from the price, advertising the products in a most unique way should always be your concern. No matter what are the products that you are promoting, using a strategy will bring you success as a businessman. Since the competition by the pharmaceutical companies is tough, most of them are adopting the modern method of advertising and that is by using the internet. This is a strategy that a lot of businessmen adopt these days.

Traditional way of Promoting Drugs

Though most of the pharmaceutical companies are using the modern way of promoting their products, the traditional way of promoting it is still being used. This kind of strategy has been used for a long time and until now a lot of pharmaceutical companies are finding it effective. One of the traditional strategies used is by giving free samples of the products that the company is promoting. They also advertise it through journals wherein it contains information of the product and it is also being given away to consumers. The most ideal strategy is by sponsoring medical education in which it is being participated by a lot of people.

Hiring Pharmaceutical Representatives

Aside from promoting products online and in the market, most of the pharmaceutical companies hires representatives that will promote their products on hospitals, clinic, or in places where there are patients. It may be hard to look for a worthy representative to work for you but with proper training it will surely learn the things that it must know. The qualification of a good pharmaceutical representative has a good personality who can communicate well to other individual. It doesn’t really have an experience about sales but it is an advantage if you can find one. Additionally, a good representative knows the product that it is selling and it must learn every detail confidently, so that the consumer will believe it.

Find the Right Marketing Strategies

If you want to develop a new way of promoting your products, you can always research for it. You can use the internet or get some ideas from books or in health magazines. Set a goal to reach for you to work hard on what you want to achieve. Marketing the products that you are selling is just part of handling a pharmaceutical company.


  • M.F.Jetson said on October 11, 2011
    I am working for a pharma company in the Gulf markets.I looking for some innovating ideas for marketing our products. Different ways of selling our products in this region
  • manisha rana said on May 11, 2012
    i am a marketing executive i want some new ideas to promote the buisness
  • Babu Jacob said on July 9, 2012
    I am working in a pharma company and i am looking for some innovating and new ideas to make my brands grow further which is already in the market for few years. Kerala,India
  • azeem ahmad said on December 14, 2012
    i started our new business in agra india with general product like antibiotic and analgesic. tell me a relevant strategy for my better business.
  • JAYANTA BOSE said on December 27, 2012
    I am an Area Sales Manager of Ayurvedh Compnay (An ISO 9001:2008 & GMP Certified Company) of Kolkata. My area is all over North Bengal (Coochbehar, Jalpaiguri, Darjeeling, Uttar Dinajpur, Dakshin Dinajpur & Malda District). There are 6 Medical Representatives in our team. How to develop the market?
  • priyanka said on March 16, 2013
    i am going to start a pharma company in bihar. I want to know some new ideas of promotional or selling products.
  • ramanlal karwa said on April 28, 2013
    We have a small pharmaceutical company from Pune ,Maharashtra, India, marketing and manufacturing our products on p to p basis. our present promotion strategy is traditional one only. We will definitely like to make changes if innovative new ideas are offered. One of our stretegy, we intend is to introduce low mrp branded generic products. But we are not confident whether this will be effective and accepted by trade and medical profession? We will welcome your comments on this.
  • shrijan Bhattarai said on May 23, 2013
    I started my business few years back. I am promoting some injectable preparations. Now tell me the better marketing idea to grow my business.
  • Sanjay M.Zore said on July 16, 2013
    We have started pharmacy wholesale business at Nasik location & Buldana location we want the idea for growing Business. Kindly suggest the innovative idea .
  • Azeem said on December 3, 2013
    please send the pharmaceutical tips to encourage my team of Pharma. Regards Azeem
  • suraj said on February 15, 2014
    i want to start my pharmaceutical sales & marketing company in mumbai & thane. I am requesting all of you to guide me about company registration, minimum capital requirement & how much quantity should i buy from manufacturers ( min.) Working capital & where & how to buy raw material & packaging etc. Pls need your suggestion
  • shubham mudaliar said on October 5, 2015
    I am executive product manager.i want to promote my special product by doing campaign.i just need different ideas of campaigning to doctors.
  • Bandri vinayaka said on April 4, 2016
    I am started new pharma company. I wants new ideas for selling my products.


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