“Grants for Small Farmers”
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  • Felix odhiambo Oloo said on November 10, 2013
    I am a starting poultry farmer interested in egg production and hatchery poultry farming. So far i have 50 free range hens that are all currently laying, I took a small loan and constructed a 13 * 5meters poultry house, i also bought a 0.07Ha piece of land intended for future expansion, but it seems like that future came too soon. As i did mention, i currently have 30 hens laying and soon will be ready for brooding, i intend to to let each brood 10 eggs and in a months time that will have given me 300 chicks and this will have made my small construction a crowded place. My small plot is located in Kisumu kenya, I am seeking a grant of $10 000 to undertake expansion on my new plot of land, with this money if successful, i intend to do the following:
    1. construct a bigger shade that can accommodate 4000 birds with separate laying and brooding area at a cost of $ 4000.
    2 purchase 3 hatchery machines with 500 egg capacity each at a cost of $ 2000,
    3. purchase of all in house equipment and feed to start up with at a cost of $2000.
    4. the remaining $2000, i intend to put it aside for technical support, vaccination, labor and training capacity building.
    My aim is to have an estimated egg production of 3500 eggs every daily of which 3000 eggs will be sold @ $3.5 (Shs. 250) a crate and the remaining 500 will go into the hatchery of which each chick will be sold at $1 (Shs.80) each.
    With this projections: eggs@$3.5(250)= $350(Shs. 28000) a day, in a month =$10 500(Shs. 840 000)not even speaking about the chicks.
    This will assist me and the community to increase poultry production and also provide employment to the youth around me and this projections are as such because there is no large scale poultry farmer in Kisumu Kenya. I am appealing for a grant of $ 10 000 to help me expand and achieve this. your assistance will be highly appreciated by me and you will be invite to to monitor the progress as i update you regularly. I am Felix Odhiambo Oloo and i am seeking a grant of $ 10 000 to expand farm. +254701217750
  • Godfrey said on November 20, 2013
    lwanja community have interest in starting pig farming as their source of income and livelihoods. they are undergoing a training in pig production. poverty rate is high. could you assist them to reduce their poverty giving them a grant?
  • Arthur Nicholson said on November 20, 2013
    i'm from Hampton, Iowa and been around farming all my life. since a small boy I've helped on farms and being a recent single father of two small kids I would love to teach the to farm and good work ethics as well as good chirstian values. but I don't have the capital to get started or to buy the equipment. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  • Adjowa A.Gadegbeku said on November 27, 2013
    I live in Liberia; we are a group of oil palm farmers, who have tried to open our own company by the name of Liberia Oil Palm Farmers Production Inc. to help ourselves and other unfortunate oil palm farmers sustain ourselves and family. However, we have been having financial difficulties since we started. Our problem has been our inability to get funding for operations from local banking institutions. We also have tried to lease other farms and now have at least 31 farmers under our control; furthermore, we have the problem of getting seedlings and fertilizers to also help those farmers that are depending on us to get them started. We are also looking for foreign partners wishing to invest in oil palm production.
  • Adjowa A.Gadegbeku said on November 27, 2013
    You can contact us through the following telephone numbers, Mr.Chars Brown, 213880599399, Mr. Salia DUkuly 23186929002, Mrs. Elizabeth G.Anthony 0880556355, and Adjowa Gadegbeku 231886515713 ,Liberia Oil Palm Farmers Production Inc.
  • Misheck said on December 3, 2013
    Hello, am misheck kathumba from malawi, central africa and have 20 hacters of land which i intend to use for pig project. I am an economics degree graduate. There are high prospects of better piggery production and high profits. I already have drafted the business plan with necessary research information, profit projections and future prospects. I have the technical expertise and knowledge of pig farming but i dont have the capital. May i be guided as to where and how i can get grants/loans/partners for this project. kathumbac@gmail.com or +265991767848
  • MOSES KIGENYI MULUMBA said on December 4, 2013
    I have a small scale poultry farm that i want to expand so that it becomes a model farms for the community to access poultry knowledge but i need assistance to achieve this. i live in the slums of Jinja town, Uganda East Africa.
  • Roland said on December 4, 2013
    I am in Cameroon and i do poultry farming in a small scale. With this grant i will be happy to increase the scale. i run a farm of about 1530 birds.
  • Peter Xavery said on December 5, 2013
    I have a 10 acre farm with abundant water supply suitable for fish farming in Kilimanjaro region, Northern Tanzania. I would like to partner to any company or individually to establish this important venture. There is a readily available market for the products. My contacts: xaverypeter@gmail.com. Mobile: +255754313795
  • faustine said on December 6, 2013
    i'm faustine, student from Sokoine university of Agriculture(SUA), i had a plan of involving in pig production provided that i have managed to pass through various documents related to pig production and i accessed a required knowledge about that production. Hence i'm looking and requesting for grant to accomplish my last long dream. I'm TANZANIAN, E-mail kapeleof@gmail.com
  • Kh.Ibomcha.Singh said on December 10, 2013
    The Society for Advancement and Rural Development Activities SARDA Manipur(India) is very highly interested in organizing rural livelihood projects/programmes under the yearned of your kind. Therefore , you are requested to kindly assist to submit a project proposal under your grants for small farmers.
  • Kh.Ibomcha.Singh said on December 10, 2013
    Dear Sir, Our project location is in the Imphal West and Senapati district, Imphal Est, Bishnupur District in the State of Manipur, North Eastern region, India. Our Management body will be discussed towards the submission of project proposals with door opening your kind cooperation at an early date. Yours faithfully, Kh.Ibomcha Singh
  • Freeman kofi Atengbley said on December 12, 2013
    I am unemployed and have learnt fish farming which I want to do in volta river in the volta region Ghana. But I have not got the capital to start so I need a financial help as soon as possible otherwise I will die.Please help me.
  • Benjamin Kisakali said on December 13, 2013
    I want to start a piggery project, I have 10 hecters of land and really need financial assistant. I live Papua New Guinea.
  • ulidebora Fabian said on December 14, 2013
    my name is Ulideboa Fabian from Tanzaniain Dar es salaam i have 1000 layer poultry farming in Kisarawe area i need some grants to boost my project please help me how to get it.
  • Vijaykant Anantrao Kulkarni said on December 18, 2013
    I want to cultivate sag-van trees in my 16 acre land (which is equally in the name three persons in my family i.e.under poverty family) at Dhanegaon, Taluka Jamkhed, Dist.Ahmednagar, Maharashtra(India)please guide me the state/national organization from whom I can get 100% financial grand & technical aid?
  • Wallace Yauker said on December 24, 2013
    I am interested in Investing in a small scale farm, making it a big farm.. I need a serious minded farmer that is hardworking, honest and trustworthy that is ready to carry up a big farm project.. write me at wyauker@live.com include phone number as I would love to call...
  • Bhimrao Kmable said on December 31, 2013
    i want to start poultry farm in my village Please Tell about scheme
  • DONALD said on January 7, 2014
    hi, I am Donald from India have export license if any one interested to import any farmar production like fruits, meat like turkey, emu or any other thing any part of world contact me 09679266656/7699996699 or fit in touch on face book DONALD XAVIER MONDAL.
  • DONALD said on January 7, 2014
  • Mr. Paul Kwame Asante said on January 9, 2014
    I and my brothers jointly have three hecters of rice farm. we want to go into fish farming and will your financial support cos we already have some technical knowledge about fish farming. I am from Asutsuare in the greater accra region of Ghana. There is no problem with land and availability of water. You can call me on +233 0246391925. Your help can change our lives and many others who will work with us. Thanks in advance and looking foward to hearing from you soon.
  • Sbongile Yako said on January 10, 2014
    I'm interested in farming special in feedstork /wheatgrass. I'm based in East London in a huge Farm that needs the development and it hurts to see such huge land not in use. I've tried many times too. Be assisted by one of the funding/Grant department so that I can get the farming going and there's more opportunities in growing turf(feed for the cows,horses etc). Please I'm really desperate for help(073 9130 783,ravaotir@gmail.com)
  • wendy said on January 13, 2014
    Hello! I'm in need of a funding, I have this huge idea of big business, and I cant share it here. I'm in south africa pietermaritzburg. please help.
  • Mayeku Paul said on January 13, 2014
    I am a Ugandan small scale farmer from the eastern district of Mbale .I have half an acre of land on which i have a goat project (3) ,5 pigs and 1 cow. I am kindly requesting a good sermaritan for a grant totaling to USD 2000 to enable me open up a poultry unit and expand and improve upon the existing units to enable my project to be self sustainable, thanks in advance for your kind and passionate response. MY THE ALMIGHTY GOD BLESS YOU AND REWARD YOU ABUNDANTLY. Yrs Mayeku paul .email: mayekupaul5@gmail.com ; Tel: +256773057739.
  • Alex beginner adviser said on January 14, 2014
    I started my own project called Kabambe Poultry. Currently I am rearing 120 mature chicken and 40 chicks! Poultry is a good business if you get the necessary calculations. Before embarking on such a venture, adequate preparation is required. Writing up a business plan will be very vital. This will act as a guideline to your SWAT Analysis. For those interested you can visit my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/kabambepoultry I can also assist in the layout of drawing a business plan! Write me an email: kip_lex@yahoo.com REMEMBER: Don't start a project primarily for profit purposes. Possess the passion. That way you will enjoy even the losses. Which is very rear. Let the proposal come from deep down your heart. Stop being a copy-cat. Stand out by being creative and active! Am waiting for your inquiries!!!

    Kip_lex@yahoo.com || Poultry Farming Expert

  • Laveria mwai said on January 16, 2014
    Thank you so much for this article, Am a lady very interested in onion farming and i have a piece of land in Thika kenya. I would kindly request you to update me on where i can get a grant in kenya. Thanks in regard. Laveria.
  • ASIGWA JAMES said on January 18, 2014
    We are youths university graduates team of 13 members from Tanzania who are dealing with agriculture. Please assist us, we are in a very high and urgent need of only $20,000 to run our sesame 100 acres farm project which is about to fail due to lack of finances. Contact us through: asigwamail@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance, may GOD bless you
  • perpetual kinyanjui said on January 24, 2014
    I am a widow and resides on 1/4 acre plot in Kajiado county Ngong in kenya. I am having 2 dairy cows on the plot but sometimes I feel that if I could get two more high yielder dairy cows, my life can be better. I now have experience on how to look after the dairy herd but i am unable to improve due to finances. I am requesting for grants to put up a silage, bio-gas plant and two more cows. I hope my request will be considered. Thank you.
  • Dzelafen Fidelix said on January 25, 2014
    Good day sir, i am Dzelafen fidelix from Cameroon and 45 years of age. i will like to start a small pig farm in my compound to help sustain my family of eleven peoples and i don't know where to get money. i am unemployed and an advance learner. i started preparing already with building a fence that can take at least four pigs.Please help me.Thanks.
  • AHIMBISIBWE INNOCENT said on January 28, 2014
    how do i get a grant for my fish pond farm here in uganda
  • ronald mulenga said on January 29, 2014
    i live in lusaka zambia and am into dairy and poultry farming. i've been into farming for two years and want to increase the production on the farm but the financing is the biggest challenge am facing and am looking for any donor to assist me in my business.
  • Phumla Gojela said on January 29, 2014
    Dear Sir/Madam, I am Phumla Gojela staying in Alicedale, a rural place with no infrastructure but have very limited resources in Eastern Cape. I am in need of grant to develop my dream of developing other women in our area with the purpose of creating jobs and eradicate poverty. I will appreciate if you can come back to me as soon as possible.
  • Kuria ambrose said on January 30, 2014
    Am a kenyan and would like to start greenhouse farming. kindly i request for any financial help inform of grant or low interest loan tn help me realize my dream.
  • Kuria ambrose said on January 30, 2014
    Due to unpredictable weather partners which lead to famine greenhouse farming is the only solution but here in kenya they are costly one going for ksh300,000. i kindly request for help to help me put one greenhouse. i will appreciate any help and invite for supervision on this project. contact me through +254723536290 or ambrosekuria@gmail.com
  • Bukisile Mseleku said on January 30, 2014
    We are Umhlomulo co-operative limited, we are well formed about piggery and want to start a pig farm in Mtwalume(Portshepstone)South Africa. We really need grant to start our business so that we are going to reach our dream of becoming farmers. Please help us as soon as possible because we need to start now as the year begins. You can contact us to these numbers:0722007580/0729639266 your response will be very appreciated Thank you
  • KOFI OPPONG-DAMOAH said on January 31, 2014
    i live in Mampong in the Ashanti region of Ghana West Africa. i am a poultry farmer and as i write this note i have about four thousand five hundred layers (4500. i have plans to expand my farm to be able to employee more of the youth in my area. i will be most grateful if your outfit can assist me. thanks
  • Kwizera Olivier said on February 9, 2014
    I'm 23 Years old from NGOMA District, Eastern province, RWANDA i want to start working for my self. i would like you to grant me with a start up capital for my poultry farming project. i'm doing my last year in agribusiness and rural development at former ISAE which is currently called CAVM (college of agriculture animal sciences and veterinary medicine). i'm highly motivated to work for myself due to the rate of unemployment which is high in rwanda. thank you. for any assistance here is my contacts: +250785713267 or email me at Kwizol2013@gmail.com
  • Amar Rohta said on February 11, 2014
    Hello sir i want extra money for my business so pls help me due to heavy loss in my business...
  • Alipara jenina said on February 12, 2014
    I am Coordinator for OVC programme in Nebbi district in Uganda-Caritas Nebbi. I have organised the support families into groups. We need some funds to start up small projects for poultry, piggery, goats rearing and grants for loans revolving for the caregivers to increase their income, improve their nutrition and generally life in the families contact me on email:jeninaalipara@yahoo.com Te: 0772616869
  • Sibongile Mbense said on February 19, 2014
    I have been seeking funds to purchase a piggery farm and grow vegetables for some years but could not find any. Thanks for this site. I have also grown interest in dairy farming but in small scale with veggies as a second option. Please help me.
  • Daniel Lulu said on February 25, 2014
    I am a degree graduate in Tropical Agriculture and all my savings being used up for school fees. I just started work But I have the gut to start a local chicken farm to help people in the village obtain protein at the cheapest cost. My problem is NO MONEY to start up with. NEED YOUR KIND ADVISE
  • KEFELEGN SAHLE said on February 27, 2014
    Dear Sir/Madam: I send you this email from Ethiopia, my name is Kefelegn Sahle. I have a vision to work hen farming in my home. As you know very well all things start from vision. Without vision on one can accomplish great things in his life. So vision is very important and great to success. Therefore, I want sponsors to start this small business; I need some materials, like books and booklets related to this work, Personal counseling and financial support. That’s why I send you this E-mail. I need your help. Could you help me? Thank you for your understanding, Kefelegn Sahle, Contact address, kefelegn sahle P.O Box 260, Zeway- Ethiopia, kefelegns@yahoo.com tell: 251-912189048
  • Thabiso said on March 4, 2014
    Hey, I am thabiso in KZn province I'm keeping pigs now i have 10 pigs but i want to know how to sell them and how do i get funds to grow my business. tanx
  • raymond said on March 5, 2014
    am a ugandan in serious need of grants to start up a poultry farm..in rubaga..i already have land and structures to rare the birds i only need funds to purchase the birds and some in puts...thanx...reach me best on 0758565678....
  • JOEL SIGEI said on March 6, 2014
    how can i get loan in LIEIN, KERICHO COUNTY, KENYA
  • JOEL SIGEI said on March 6, 2014
    I am a Kenyan, a small scale dairy farmer living in half acre plot with piped water and electricity. I live about 300 metres away from a busy highway linking major towns of the Great Rift valley of Kenya and a two kilometres from the sub-county town of Litein. The region's main agricultural activity is tea-farming and chicken meat and eggs are in scanty supply while demand is extremely high. Taking into account the labour force within the adjacent multi-national tea plantations and estates coupled with my easy access to the major towns, I find poultry farming an extremely viable project especially when I have a burning passion within me to venture into it. It is in light of the above that I appeal for small grants/funding to start up the project which later will be self-sustaining because I am assured of committed proper management of the project and a ready extensive market. If anyone can link me with a donor, financier or a partner, I can be contacted through the above email for a complete project proposal.
  • Limbi Blessing Tata said on March 12, 2014
    Hello, i am Blessing from North West Cameroon. Where i came from, farming is the main stay of the economy with 97% of the population involved. However, it is very subsistent and hardly meets the needs of the farmers. To this effect most of the children especially girls do not go to school. Please, help me give hope to the Donga Mantung farmers and their families. I am ready to volunteer and do trainings and other things.
  • charles kamutando said on March 12, 2014
    hi i wish to start a piggery and poultry project in Zimbabwe Rusape area. i am seeking help financially preferably a loan that can be paid back within a certain period of time.it is a fast growing business in my country but my challenge is capital. i will be grateful if assisted. my cell number is +263 776235040, my email hwenje@gmail.com. thank you.
  • Shawn Roberts said on March 15, 2014
    I live in Mississippi, one of five of the top states to have a poultry farm. How can I get help on $$ for starting my business?
  • Joseph kamau gitigi said on March 18, 2014
    Well I am a young farmer in Kenya and want to get into commercially farming Tree Tomatoes on a 4 acres piece of land that I own on the slopes of Aberdare ranges. What I am looking for is a partner who is interested in farming to join me in this lucrative venture. Get in touch at - gitigijoseph@yahoo.co.uk Regards. Joseph.
  • TUMUSINGIZE PAPIUS said on March 25, 2014
    I am a ugandan with skills and knowledge of growing hot pepper and would like to start hot pepper growing as a business in western uganda. kindly help me to achieve my goal.
  • marifi s. mangaron said on March 29, 2014
    hello, I'm marifi 42 yrs old ,I live in P-2 Sto.nino, basilisa ,philippines, I am a poor person but rich in hope and ideas in life how to live and find ways to struggle and fight the needs. I really need a grant to assist me to follow my heart to make my dreams come true like others ,I have a small farm but a lot of families to live with and together we help each other to build this dreams ,we hope and pray somebody will help us out of scarcity we are about 20 families live together please help us, thank you GOD BLESS YOU! pls cntk me 09284047846
  • Fisher Martin said on April 1, 2014
    I live in Uganda particularly in westnile region in northern part of the country, we are in a group and we want to start a community tomato production. we have the land but we are lucking funds. please help us
  • Emmanuel Fonju said on April 2, 2014
    I am a livestock technician in Cameroon. I'm into mixed farming (poultry & pigs). I am looking for partners/sponsors so as to expand my business.
  • Samuel said on April 6, 2014
    Hi i am Samuel situated in pretoria, south africa, i am in need of a help of finance looking to buy 3000 layers got market and place to work on or if you have already funded some people doing the same business you can refer me to them to do joint venture, i am contactable at thibesm@live.com.
  • George Maitland said on April 15, 2014
    My name is George, and am living in Ethiopia, and would like to start a fruit farm. Am in the process of acquiring 5 hectares of land from the government, and have started preparing fruit seedlings more than 3 yrs now. I'm asking kindly for some financial assistance to help launch the project.
  • joel makori said on April 22, 2014
    help i want to do aquaponic farming in nakuru- kenya i have 1 acre of land and i want to start with aquaponic farming
  • jason abuga omwenga said on April 24, 2014
    Please i need a well wisher to help me fulfill my project making bricks. I am omwenga from kisii kenya
  • Anguria Jude Thaddeus said on April 29, 2014
    I am seeking for support with an agro-production grant(funds) to expand the initiative i began. i have a piggery farm of 15 pigs, i have the experience of 1 year now on maintaining and running the farms activities. The farm has become a learning center for the rural small scale farmers in the local area. my challenges are, i need to expand the farms productivity so as to meet the market demand for pork, and piglets also venture to fruit growing using those by-products. i rare improved quality species. i am located in Eastern Uganda, 11KM of MBALE TOWN, on soroti road, Bukedea district, kachumbala sub county, kongoidi parish, omuriakeri village. i will be grateful for any support.
  • Aggery Kajimalwendo said on May 2, 2014
    I am a small scale based here in Ndola-Zambia. I have 48 hectars of land. i do bee keeping, village chicken rearing I would to keep pigs as well. can I apply for a grant
  • innocentia said on May 4, 2014
    hi..am from south africa in limpopo provnce i want to start a farm poultry (egg business) but i dont have money and they are no competitors. around it will give people in. my community jobs. i need grant to start this please help
  • Mary Stella Chitechi said on May 10, 2014
    My name is mary stella chitechi from Kakamega county in western Kenya. I am doing passion fruit farming and fish farming on a three acre piece of land. i wish to break away from the conventional maize farming which is no longer viable in my area. I believe i can demonstrate to local farmers that we can diversify our farming ang improve the nutrition health of our people, on the same piece i have traditional African vegetables. I am looking for an individual or organization to help me with a grant of 5000 dollars to invest in bee keeping on the same land which is located along a big river and surrounded with natural environment. my email address is stellamaloba@yahoo.com
  • joseph kimutai said on May 13, 2014
    i am from kenya,Nakuru and would like to start a pig farming in a quarter piece of land. i really need grant for the same to be accomplished as i love farming. please your advice will be most welcomed.
  • EZRA KOLOO said on May 22, 2014
    Our group has negotiated a farming contract with a Kenya-based fresh produce exporter yet to be signed. We need a water tank, pump, and pipes. Please facilitate us. Phone: +254 724 914987. Regards, Ezra
  • Judith Foon said on May 23, 2014
    Hello, I am the Executive Director of a non profits in The Gambia that aims at helping the less privileged. we are currently working to empower street beggars and train them in high in demand vocational skills. We have engaged most of them in farming, aqualture and animal husbandery... we would like to know how we can get a grant.
  • Gertrude said on May 31, 2014
    Am from Uganda and started fish farming. I would like to expand the project and start growing vegetables too for sale. I would like either a gran or an international partner to boost the business financially. Help, ideas and information will all be appreciated
  • sie kwasi owusu williams said on June 1, 2014
    I am director of Banda Ahenkro Widows Association in Ghana, in the Brong Ahafo Region. We need funds to stat poultry farm for Income Generating Activities because in our area if you become widows is very hard no employment.so we shall be very happy to hear good news from you.
  • SHAKTI JADHAO said on June 3, 2014
    Dear Sir, myself Shakti Jadhao from Maharashtra, India. I already formed & registered the goat farming & ornamental fish farming organization. My moto is teach & to improve the socio economic status of the poor people & the youth from the village level. This can be done by giving proper technical advice & proper practical guidance. For that I am in need of the fund to set the training Organization. Can you please help me out?
  • davis kiprono said on June 9, 2014
    i am student and want to start up tomato farming in a green house to source money for my university fees and my upkeep. please help me on how i can get funds expand my idea. from Kenya, Kericho county
  • chilipano said on June 9, 2014
  • John Mitei said on June 11, 2014
    i am a Kenyan from Uasin Gishu County and I hope to start pig farming soon plus rabbit rearing to assist change the community to other farming styles other than cattle and maize farming. please assist..
  • Nyabibagho agricultural group said on June 15, 2014
    We have got a group created by local farmer were we participate on horticultural production. through conducting our dairy bases there challenges we face but through your help can change the situation cause this group is build up 18 people and more than 108 family members benefit through Nyabibagho. through our mission we fight against malnutrition. feel free to contact us +255768 191 515.
  • Joseph Orido Otieno said on June 20, 2014
    I am in my final stage of purchasing a good land near a natural water source and would like to turn it into a farm. I need a sponsor to help develop this land into into a food basket for the people of Ugenya, Siaya County in Kenya. Any form of help will be highly appreciated.
  • Tony said on June 29, 2014
    Hello, my name is Geoffrey Tony located in Kampala Uganda seeking for a grant of up to USD 5000.00 (Five thousand united states dollars) to engage in Habanero production (Hot Pepper) and African egg plants. I have secured a reliable market for the same but need this financial help to be able to supply to the market beginning in November 2014. My tel no. is +256-773-902385 Email: gtnbizventure@gmail.com I will greatly appreciate.
  • Jagiri Musah said on June 30, 2014
    I have a rural farmer group who are into maize and cowpea production. We will welcome a grant to enable us produce more since our capacities in the production of the above crops has already been enhanced by USAID through TECNOSERVE an NGO. Technoserve has completed their five year program in our area.We are located at Akokoa in the Atebubu-Amantin District of Brong Ahafo Region of GHANA, WEST AFRICA.
  • Jordan Morse said on July 3, 2014
    i need to know if i could receive funding in jamaica to start a farm for fruits, vegetables, and herbs.
  • Lawrence Ndhlovu said on July 3, 2014
    We are a group of 20 South Africans, skilled in farming and have certificates in farm business management, but dont have money to buy land, farming equipment e.t.c. In our group we have 5 crop production, 5 vegetable production, 5 poultry production and 5 livestock production graduates who all know how to draft a business plan and did practicals farming. We seek help from any organisation. We want to make a change in peoples lives by creating employment, sharing of skills and alleviating poverty.
  • GEOFFREY OWUOR said on July 8, 2014
    I am college student and an aspirations of starting up a self-sustaining pig farm in Kisumu (Kenya) to help get fund to get finances for my tuition and also create employment opportunities for my fellow youths in my rural area. This project have high chances of success since there is high demand of pork in my area. I'm really in need of financial help to start off this project please help.
  • Pastor Wayne said on July 14, 2014
    We are pastor Wayne large farms in Africa and we deal with exportation of cocoas, fruits, vegetables, beverages, rice, beans, yams, plantains e t c. We also deal with animal rearing, birds, poultry feeds, piggery, snail rearing, rabbit rearing, cattle rearing, fish rearing e t c. We are experienced farmers and we have all the farming techniques and we are also looking for workers on our farm. We are looking for our co farmers to partner with home and abroad. Contact us on our email on Pastorwaynelargefarms@gmail.com
  • kabalimu henry said on July 15, 2014
    i'm 37yrs old, educated, i have maize farm of 5 acres wz a dream to stop HUNGER in de world, i want to expand to 100acres of land, i need a grant of tractor or oxen and money to continue in operation, even to jobs to my community members on same farm, located, hoima district, western uganda, email; kabalimuh@gmail.com tel.+256784459811
  • kabalimu henry said on July 15, 2014
    Infact i'm male, i need a farm partner abroad to grow more maize and rearing organic chicken and turkey in uganda,plz contact me,tel.256784459811
  • Polycarp Ndiboti said on July 16, 2014
    I am a Poultry Farmer based in Cameroon. I have been involved in this activity for 3 years. I am presently dealing with layers and wish to expand the business for reason being to meet up demand and to also provide employment to my community
  • MOSES MASUKE said on July 18, 2014
    I have construct a building which will hold 20,000 local chicken. I need $2,000 to start up my business. location of business is at SINGIDA TOWN, SINGIDA, TANZANIA
  • Amoh Quansah Andrews said on July 20, 2014
    please I am Amoh quansah Andrews and I have completed my senior school, please I want to start a poultry farm but I don't have money to start so please I need your help. please am from Ghana in the eastern region. Kade is the place I live
  • ily Muigei said on July 20, 2014
    I come from Kenya, Riftvalley and in Uasin Gishu county. I want to do poultry farming. I have to build a house which can accommodate 2000 birds and i have an incubator of 264 eggs. I want to keep layers but i dont have any money for their feeds. Pls i'm humbly requesting for your financial assistance for a grant loan to start this project. I am ready to abide by all the regulations that you will give me. Thanking you in advance and hoping to hear from you soon. Emily.
  • Sitsaba said on July 27, 2014
    Hello guyz, i'm so keen to start a pig farming i'm around Mthatha in the Eastern Cape 5099, so please help with companies or departments who assist small farmers with funds or grants to establish their small farming?
  • John Rudd said on July 28, 2014
    Hi my name is John, I am looking for help on our family owned farm which goes back to my grate grand father. Due to the fact they were colourd theyw
  • Marvel Manganyi said on July 28, 2014
    I'm a young aspiring entrepreneur who has recently established a business in farming, and still in need of mentorship and guidance, I have done research with regards to the field in which my business operates and from it I have found that there is a great success potential and it is a business that can be sustainable
  • john mwangi maina said on August 6, 2014
    I am age 26 from kitale kenya and I would like to start tomato farm under green house. how can I be financially assisted? kindly help.
  • KABASAMBU HARRIET said on August 11, 2014
    I Started a piggery project in Nansana, Wakiso district,Uganda with 5 piglets which are now 6 months old. I want to expand the project and to get more space because 2 of the pigs will give birth and I will have no space for the piglets. I don't have funds right now to proceed with my plans. where can I get funding to support my project?
  • Amoako Agyemang Emmanuel said on August 23, 2014
    I am Emmanuel from Ghana, I have a big farmland and a small poultry farm in Brong - Ahafo , Techiman . Please I want to expand my poultry farmland make good use of the land left , please how can I get grant to start up .
  • Citizens Farmers said on August 25, 2014
    We the members of Citizens Farmers Multi- Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd wish to apply for financial assistance for the expansion and relocation of our already existing Poultry Farm to a permanent site. Our farm is located at Karshi by pass Nasarawa State Nigeria. We have an equity investment of N10,000,000.00 or $62,500 which we shall contribute to the project.
  • Kabonesa Bernadette said on September 11, 2014
    I have knowledge of Eucalyptus clones production, i have setup a small mother garden in Hoima District in Uganda, i wish to minimize the shortage of fire wood, building poles, timber and electric transmission pole but the starting capital is to much as it require setting up a greenhouse and some other small inputs. please help me to realize my dream.
  • PETER OSUNDWA said on September 11, 2014
    Am a poultry farmer with 100 chicken. I dont have enough capital to expand my farming. i come from Kenya. Please am seeking for help at least 20000 dollars. Thanks 254726975933
  • eko said on September 21, 2014
    where to find grants resources.
  • frank said on September 22, 2014
    I am a young man of 34 and have passion in farming, I have leased a farm from my parents I want to start farming I need some financial assistant to buy a tractor and implements. we are Gamarotswana lands, Botswana, in southern Africa south of sahara, Africa. with regards frank contact(+267)73671020.
  • George omondi said on September 22, 2014
    I am a Kenny citizen staying in Kisumu city I would love to start a local poultry farm how can I get assistance may God bless you.
  • katlego hlanhla said on September 26, 2014
    I am a young hard working man who is looking forward to achieving more in life. I live in south africa and I have a farm that I want to plan tomatoes but I can't afford to buy the seeds, feterlizers and green house, so I'm asking for help. contact me on 0744930127


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