Employee Vehicle Tracking

Tracking devices are being widely used from military to personal purposes. Further, even businesses now are seeing it usage in monitoring employee vehicles so as to promote responsible use of the company’s asset and boost productivity as well.

Employee vehicle tracking monitoring procedure has been in use for many years since more and more businesses are wanting the security that the vehicles, as a company asset, is used for business purposes or, at least, are being used justly.

Some businesses like those involve in delivery or the carriers are using this for the purpose of assuring timeliness of their delivery and to patch things up easily when troubles arise. Most tracking device do send instant alert to the system for speedy reports.

The very benefit of tracking devices to businesses is that it gives them the power to monitor usage of issued company vehicles. This tracking device, coupled with software, enables real time views of the vehicles. More over, the information feed from the device to software includes the mileage run or the distance, the time, and the detailed stop of an individual vehicle or of a group.

Stemming out from making the employees responsible user is the company’s lower fuel costs. It will lessen, or even eliminate, out of the route or out of the business’ transaction if the employees and it may also help in increasing the productivity of the employees.

If planning to install for the company, it is best to inform the employee so as not to trigger a possible commotion due to privacy matters. Making them aware that the company is keen in monitoring the use of the vehicles will make them more mindful on taking care and being responsible on using it.

Another is that employee vehicle tracking will help in theft deterrence. Since the vehicle has a tracking device attached on its body, it will be easy to detect its location should time comes that it gets car napped.

Before installing tracking devices to employee vehicles, be careful in choosing which supplier or brand to trust. Study the features of the product see whether it is the one that will cater the company’s need. Determine if the device is fully functional for both indoor and outdoor location or if it can be portable or transferrable. Most importantly, make sure that it is reliable and that you can fully trust all the information that it has to feed in the system.

True, many businesses are seeking help from these devices and software to get a sight of the company vehicles issued to employees. However, installing these devices is additional cost for the company that is why it is important that the need and its importance outweigh the cost of it.


  • tariq khan said on March 19, 2013
    is any tracking device is available in market. please reply me tariq_khan25@hotmail.com
  • Swastik said on May 3, 2013
    what would be the cost of it? as well as operating/maintenance cost? and other precautions? from jaipur india


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