Drop Shipping Wholesalers Scam

Drop shipping is the popular way for the modern entrepreneurs to launch or advertise their online businesses. It is the low entry and the ongoing inventory that makes it easy to drop ship business owners to do their operations.

There are many illegitimate or those illegal business owners who have begun to victimize the eCommerce entrepreneurs by promoting the drop shipping scam, that makes it very expensive to the poor entrepreneur.

Drop Shipping Scams

Since drop shipping became the reason why modern entrepreneurs can start their retail store online, it also gave way to the drop shipping scams become prevalent. It is essential that the drop ship business owners should become very vigilant in their own search for their partners and try to avoid the so called financial and operational pitfalls of drop shipping scams. Popular search browsers gave rise to the drop shipping scams. It is evident when you try to type and search for the term drop shipping scams. There are many of those business owners who fell into this kind of prey because of the drop shipping wholesalers and programs that promise an overnight success.

Drop Shipping Business Is Not an Easy Task

Like any other kind of business, drop shipping is not an easy job. It would take more time and energy for you to succeed. Most of the time it would be a trial and error process for first time drop ship owners. Sometimes when there is a particular opportunity and it seems to be too good to be true, it would probably be is. But you should be reminded that the best opportunities are not usually advertised as something that is too good to be true. They usually would not make unreasonable promises to new business owners like you.

Actually, one of the scariest tasks of drop ship business owners is securing the partnerships they make with drop shipping wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers. These kinds of relationships are really vital that sometime it would be fatal to your drop ship business. You should be able to identify those partners which are legitimate and legal so that you won’t get yourself in trouble in the future. This will definitely prejudice your drop ship business if you will not identify carefully those partners which are trustworthy. The success of your newly opened drop ship business definitely defines how a particular business can integrate with those other members of the existing chain of supply.

Avoid Drop Shipping Scams

If these drop shipping scams are now readily identified, the task of avoiding them would be very easy for you. It is very unfortunate for those drop ship owners because these scams would usually pretend that they are legal suppliers or manufacturers that is why there are many of the drop ship owners are being victimized. Do not easily rely on the search engines in the internet to locate the drop ship wholesalers. There are lots of scammers who are now masters of the art of gaming search engine results. They know how to be on top of the engine results in internet search engines. Try to consider doing partnership with the company that is offering a verified access on drop shipping programs. Try to diversify. Even if the seemingly great deals of potential scammers are really tempting, you should make sure that you make yourself hedged from the real possibilities that they are not that worthy.

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  • Michael Floren said on February 16, 2011
    I have been working in the drop shipping wholesaling e-commerce side of things for quite a while. finding good dedicated sources for product is a must. i own ~ 50 different websites that sell product, and well managing it is fun to say the least. I started www.healthandbeautywholesale.com to help small independent wholesalers and retail stores nation wide to make cash with a proven drop shipping model. The catch is quite simple, I hold my manufacturers accountable for what is and what is not being done, and I have the ability to pull the switch on product that is having problems within 5 min of finding out the problem. This functionality is critical as you do not want businesses to purchase product from you expecting delivery if there is a problem upstream. Also you always need to have 2 suppliers for each product you supply.


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