Curb Painting Business

Painting streets is one of the best businesses you can ever try. This is perfect for people who have been given with the painting talent.

So when you think that this business is the best for you, there are some things you need to know on how to earn money with curb painting business.

Curb painting business is just very simple. This is perfect for people who have been given with the talent to paint and to actualize the ideas they have in mind. But before trying this venture, there are some things you need to know first in order to gain success in this kind of profession.

Obtain Business License

You need to be aware that there are some cities out there that will require you to obtain business licensing first. This is needed in order to operate the business legally. The requirements depend from the rules and regulations of the state where you are living so make sure you know these requirements.

Secure Supplies

Once you already secured the licensing for this business, you now secure the supplies you need. You have to shop many colors of paints and other needed materials in order to deliver your business services properly. Make a research of the most common color used in street painting in your locality. Aside from purchasing the needed colors, you must also secure templates with matching numbers. However you can make your own by means of the old and unused license plate frame.

Practice Your Painting Skills

Prior the day that you will paint, you have to practice your painting designs and skills. One good tip for you is to paint the background color first then you will paint the numbers next. In order to hold the numbers together in place, you can make use of plastic tape to tape it to the curb. This will surely make the painting process a lot easier and efficient. Once you are done with your practice, this is now the time that you have to locate your possible customers. You can go to the city and look for curbs with faded numbers. Probably, the owners of these curbs will be the number one clients that you can have this time.

Serve Your Client

Once you have spotted your possible client, you talk to the homeowner and offer your service for them. But when you are doing this, make sure that you have samples of the possible output you can give to your clients. By means of presenting these soon to be outputs, you will have a higher chance of convincing your customer. Along with the presentation of your sample services, you must also give him the possible price of the service you have. The approximate price that you can set is between $3 up to $10. And once you are already painting the numbers, ensure that you will make it perfectly. The satisfaction of your customers is important in order to build higher amounts of business audience.


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